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Exclusive TUFF Products of 2022

Posted on January 19th 2022 by Toni Osbourne.

At Workplace Products we offer a huge range of credible and high-quality TUFF Products to meet all your needs. Our TUFF products are continuously bestsellers, and the reasoning for that could not be more clear. Quality products at affordable prices. The products speak for themselves.  Whether you’ve started the new year off by developing a hobby and need a heavy duty workbench or your garage has become too clustered and shelving is the only way forward. Workplace Products has you covered.

TUFF Workbenches

Our TUFF Workbenches are popular with customers. Why you make ask? Well, it is economically priced and provides massive amounts of storage, also our TUFF workbenches are fit for purpose and remain smart, stylish and sustainable. Workbenches with storage are immensely useful to store items in one place. It eliminates the hassle of spending hours trying to find work tools or even worse, having no option but to purchase items again.

TUFF Products - Heavy Duty Workbench

Great to put back-to-back for a large working surface

Guide on how to use scissor lift tables

TUFF Scissor Lift Tables

Our wide scope of TUFF scissor lift tables are great for moving large items quickly and without any problem. Included is the 150kg load capacity – the answer for individuals on a budget, or those who love a bargain. On the other end of the spectrum we have the TUFF 1000kg scissor lift table. One of the strongest and most durable lift tables out there, the clues in the name- this extra heavy duty scissor lift handles loads of up to 1000kg. TUFF lift tables ascend to a suitable height of your choice. As a result, you will be able to load and unload items comfortably from one surface to another. Ideal to use as a height adjustable work table, transport trolley or extra side table. A true jack of all trades.

TUFF Products - Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

TUFF Shelving

Like all of our TUFF range, our TUFF shelving is well-known for being high quality at affordable rates. It’s no secret that in order to develop a productive storage system it needs to be reliable and of exceptional standards. Which is exactly what we offer at Workplace Products. At Workplace Products we have a collection of light, mid and heavy duty shelving units all built to withstand some of the most demanding environments. Our extensive range of shelving options are practically suited for all needs. From lightweight stockpiling to storing huge items. Offered in various designs, sizes and shapes; you cannot go wrong.

TUFF Shelving

TUFF Super Heavy Duty Business Kit

TUFF Lockers

Last but certainly not least, we have our TUFF Lockers. Our TUFF Lockers are a savvy and cost effective storage solution for multiple industries. TUFF Lockers are accessible with up to six compartments and an assortment of sizes to browse. We offer seven different locker colours which are all powder-coat finished with Germ Guard Active Technology. Acting as an anti-bacterial paint, it aids in improving the hygiene and cleanliness of frequently-used lockers. And the best part is this technology lasts forever. At Workplace Products, with the customer always at the forefront, we made our range of widths, depths and doors as wide as possible to ensure we offer the right answer to anyone’s locker storage needs.

It could not be more apparent that the primary reason for having lockers is to keep items safe. For this reason, our TUFF Lockers are installed with security shelves, therefore maximising security and prohibiting unauthorised access to the below compartment. Going that step further, different people have different needs. It would be somewhat offensive of us to offer only one lock option (CAM Lock – 2 keys provided as standard). As a result, other locking options including combination locks and coin return are also available.


TUFF Lockers

TUFF Lockers are great for all environments

To view the full range of TUFF Products head over to our website.

For any more information about our TUFF Products. Our friendly sales team would be happy to help! They are available via call, chat or email.

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