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  • Improving Employee Well-being by Encouraging Staff Breaks

    Staff breaks are a key contributing factor towards the improvement of employee well-being. Canteens and break areas play a big part in why your staff may not be taking their allocated breaks, which in turn can affect whether the workforce is productive. The basic level for a canteen area is cleanliness, so staff have somewhere hygienic to eat or make drinks. However, there is much more to a canteen than just basics, by creating a comfortable and enticing area for staff they will be more likely to take their breaks fully. Employees

  • Creating the Perfect Break Room for Your Employees

    We all appreciate our breaks at work. Whether the bulk of your work day is spent at a desk in an office, picking stock in a warehouse or selling to customers on the shop floor, having a great canteen space or break room to retreat to is essential. These rooms are often over-looked when a company is beginning to spruce up their facilities and décor . That can actually be counter-productive in certain situations. Not only does a great canteen and break room provide a comfortable space to spend a lunch break,

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