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  • Longspan Shelving Installation Services & Projects

    Our expert installation team recently completed the above Longspan Shelving Project for a Specialist Computer Centre in Birmingham. Below we will outline the whole project process from the beginning to the end. The client stated that they required the installation of new shelving units. This is for their “linkblock area” warehouse facility. Our team then collected photos of what their previous shelving layout looked like. Which you can see below: After consultation between the customer and our team of experts, we clarified the brief and the following first steps: The Brief: First

  • Exclusive TUFF Products of 2022

    At Workplace Products we offer a huge range of credible and high-quality TUFF Products to meet all your needs. Our TUFF products are continuously bestsellers, and the reasoning for that could not be more clear. Quality products at affordable prices. The products speak for themselves.  Whether you’ve started the new year off by developing a hobby and need a heavy duty workbench or your garage has become too clustered and shelving is the only way forward. Workplace Products has you covered. TUFF Workbenches Our TUFF Workbenches are popular with customers. Why you make

  • TUFF Garage Shelving

    At Workplace Products we offer a range which is called TUFF Garage Shelving. This is an affordable option whilst still maintaining the quality expected from this type of shelving. Our shelving offers a way to re-organise spaces such as garages and workshops. The design helps to optimise any space you have. Whilst remaining strong, reliable and easy to construct. What Load Capacities of TUFF Garage Shelving are there? 100kg UDL – H1760 x W900 x D300/450/600mm with 5 chipboard shelves. Specially designed for DIY and light storage use. 200kg UDL – H1760 x

  • Industrial Racking for the Workplace

    Getting the correct Industrial Racking for your workplace is an important step for any company. This is so crucial to ensure a neat and safe working environment. We offer a wide selection of racking to suit all requirements. So whether you have a small or large space we can recommend the best heavy duty racking for you. Industrial Racking is a cost-effective way to store heavy goods and pallets. The heavy duty racking offers full support to all material stored. Due to there being so many different combination options, which are made

  • 6 Tricks to Help Organize Your Storage Shelving

    Storage Shelving – Introduction We all look at our storage areas at time and wonder how we can make it work better. At Workplace Products we have devised these 6 tricks to help you get your storage spaces clean, tidy and organised. 1. Sort through your stuff We are all guilty of being hoarders from time to time. In reflection, wanting to keep hold of certain items, whether sentimental or valuable, is not a problem. However if we continue to do this over and over we will very quickly become over run

  • Industrial Shelving – The Basics for Health and Safety

    Nowadays, making the most of warehouse space is vital. Helping ensure we can purchase and stockpile the necessary supplies for peaks in trade. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by implementing good quality and reliable industrial shelving or racking, although doing this can be somewhat complicated; surrounded by a mass of rules, regulations and guidelines. This article therefore aims to illustrate the basic requirements to help you make the best decision and investment. Industrial shelving and racking is typically available in many different heights, widths and depths. All

  • Industrial Shelving For Your Small Business

    Is shelving an overlooked element of your work space? Regardless of your companies’ size, be it based out of a garage or a warehouse, shelving is an absolute essential that is often overlooked. Industrial shelving is the cornerstone of organisation in a working environment. It offers up a far better use of space than having stock cluttering up the floor or resting precariously on flimsy shelves. It is because of this that investing in quality shelving is such an important step in improving and growing a small business. Invest early It may

  • Introducing our new TUFF Value Shelving Range

    Optimise the space in your workplace! At Workplace Products, we’re constantly looking to develop new products for our customers that are affordable, high quality and can withstand the test of time in any work environment. Our new TUFF Value Shelving range provides a cost-effective and durable storage solution for any commercial or domestic customers looking to organise their workplace. With many options available to choose from, including our TUFF Value Shelving bundle deals. You can be rest assured that all your organisational and safety needs are being met. Quick and easy assembly

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