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  • A Complete Storage Solution – TUFF Shelving Kits

    All workplaces need an effective shelving and storage system. Without it, organisation becomes difficult and will negatively impact productivity over time. To help combat issues with storage in the workplace we have developed an extensive range of Shelving kits with storage bins. These are designed to allow you to easily build an effective storage system that will keep your office, workshop or warehouse perfectly organised. These complete storage solutions are ideal for many different uses because of the huge range of different bins which are available. This is paired with a huge

  • New for 2018 – Product Round-Up

    Our new catalogue for 2018 is coming to a desk near you. As always we have spent time sourcing and adding countless new products. Here’s a run-down of some our top picks and best new additions this year. Lockers & Cloakroom This year we are introducing the new range of Timberbox Lockers from Probe. A favourite of ours, they are simple, stylish and incredibly durable. A great alternative to a solid door colour, these natural finishes and optional end panels are ideal for brightening up your workplace and adding a touch of

  • How to create a modern office

    Many of us strive for perfection, so why should it be any different to when we design our offices. With employee’s spending an average of 90,360 hours working, it’s important to create an environment that helps morale, productivity and health. So, being the leading UK supplier in workplace products. What do we suggest in order to achieve the perfect office? Height Adjustable Desks It’s been proven that sitting at work can be detrimental to our health. This is why we recommend height adjustable desks, as they improve employee’s health & morale dramatically.

  • Introducing Binary Height Adjustable Workbenches

    Introducing Binary Workbenches

      In the last few years height adjustable workbenches have been steadily growing in popularity. Over time more people are seeing and feeling the benefits of the versatility they offer. They are using them to help convert outdated workshops into ergonomic, modern workspaces. As the demand for these products grow, so does our product range. We now offer the exciting new Binary workbenches as a complete solution to further meet these needs. There are a fair few differences between the Binary Workbenches, with each one excelling in different ways. First of all

  • Choosing the Best Bike Shelters For Schools

    Bike Shelters For Schools

    As the new school year comes around, it’s time to think about the improvements to make to the school premises. What are the most effective projects to invest resources and money into? How will these changes benefit the students? Bike Shelters are often an overlooked opportunity to offer a very useful facility to students and faculty. Although a lot of schools may already have bike storage, this is often nothing more than a small bike rack. This is most likely hidden somewhere out of the way and only has enough space for

  • Why Should Schools Have Lockers?

    Why Should Schools Have Lockers

    School lockers are a regularly debated topic around the country. Some people will argue that they are an unnecessary addition, while others will argue that they are an absolute necessity. So why do people have such polarised opinions? The image that springs to mind when thinking about corridors filled with lockers is probably in an American high school. People often don’t imagine schools in the UK in the same way. You might instead picture a few cloakroom pegs in each classroom instead. In spite of this, lockers are becoming a far more

  • Creating a Practical Two Person Office

    The working world is changing rapidly and these days more and more people are working from home. People are doing freelance work from home and employers are seeing the benefits of allowing their employees to work in their own space. Back in 2015 information was collected showing that over 4.2 million people in Britain were working regularly from home. This is a rise of almost a million people when compared to just 10 years prior. Back in 2005 3.4 million people were working from home [1]. As this trend continues to grow,

  • A Workplace For Everyone – Creating a more inclusive workplace

    Employers should always be on the lookout for ways to make a more accessible and inclusive workplace for their staff. These changes can be to make adjustments for the comfort and wellbeing of current members of staff or to make a more accessible workplace that anyone can work in. Why invest in a more inclusive workplace? Taking time and using initiative to make adjustments for your staff shows a level of commitment. This won’t go unnoticed and that commitment will be returned by your work force. The changes you make will lead

  • 5 Ways to Increase your Cycling Motivation

    Just like with all exercise, cycling can sometimes seem like a bit of a chore. When your legs ache from a previous ride, or you’ve had a long day at work, getting up from the sofa and getting on your bike might seem like the last thing you want to do. But that’s the hardest part. Once you’re out there you won’t regret it. So what’s the best way to conquer a slump and get back on the saddle? We’ve put together some top tips to help motivate you to get out

  • Eurotech Racing: Using Euroslide for the 2017 BTCC season

      After launching with a media day at Donington, the 2017 season of the BTCC kicks off with its first official race this weekend, the Brands Hatch Indy. From there the season will run until the final race back at Brands Hatch at the end of September. Eurotech Racing, the team we at Workplace Products sponsor, will be aiming to open up the season with a successful race at the historic Kent track. There have been some major changes for the team since the last season, including a new signing. Jack Goff signed

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