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  • Health and Safety Tips – World Day for Safety at Work

    Health and Safety Tips in the Workplace To raise awareness of World Day for Health and Safety at Work we have put together key tips and recommendations on cost-effective equipment to keep your employees safe at work. Workplace Products are always safeguarding the health and safety of our employees. Promoting and creating a Health and Safety culture in the workplace can reduce the number of work-related deaths and injuries. Certain work safety tips can be followed by all employees, creating a safer work environment for all. The following tips will help mitigate

  • Nights closing in – Get your High Vis

    The festive season is here. We all love this time of year. The bad news is that with it comes some nasty weather that can be difficult to predict. Having said that its no surprise it’s already freezing again! At this time of year we see an influx of orders for high visibility products. This continues well into the New Year. Our growing customer database includes sectors such as construction and highway maintenance etc. Some of these products are high visibility jackets but we have a diversity of orders that include safety barriers with reflective

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