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School Essentials – Lockers

Posted on August 15th 2019 by Charlotte.

It’s that time again, schools have broken up for their 6 weeks holiday & it’s a dream to get into work as we don’t have to battle with the school run. But for many schools, it’s time to re-think decor and decide whether to update lockers and cloakroom furniture.

As we enter this new school term, it’s important to consider entering 2020 with a whole new vibe. It’s been proven that creating a modern and refreshing environment improves morale, de-stresses pupils and creates a welcoming environment where students feel at ease. Furniture can play a large part in adding to the ambiance and today we have our top picks of education lockers, cloakroom furniture and additional items that can change a whole room.

School Decor for 2019 – 2020

Educational Lockers

Lockers are ideal for storing personal belongings away, most commonly found in changing rooms to store rucksacks or clothing. We have an extensive range of School Lockers that come in a range of colours to add that extra flair.

What’s the difference between lockers and educational lockers?

To some, they’re the same locker but there are important difference that change the overall finish of the locker. The main difference is the height! School lockers come in a range of heights from 1356 – 900mm that makes them ideal for primary schools. The low heights allow easy access for children to place their belongings without children having to climb or stretch to access the main compartment.

Cloakroom Furniture

When redecorating your changing rooms, cloakroom furniture is ideal for extra seating and storage for a multitude of items. Whilst providing students a place to hang their bags and coats, they additionally can store shoes with specialised storage units.

Most commonly found in locker rooms, changing rooms or even hallways. They’re ideal for temporary storage whilst offering an neat and tidy alternative to lockers, within our range of cloakroom furniture we have a selection of coat hooks and benches.

Additional Furniture for Schools

From display cabinets to canteen furniture, workplace products can offer a range of products that are suitable for schools. To check out our full range of products, head over to Workplace Products and check out what is available!

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