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Lockers – What can they be used for?

Posted on January 17th 2020 by Chloe Harris.

The most common use for lockers are for secure storage of items within businesses and schools. They are ideal for providing a safe place for staff, customers, students and visitors to place their belongings where they may be required. However, there are many different ways and locations that lockers can be used to replace typical storage options. Industrial styles became popular in the late 2000’s and remains in style, for homes, offices and hotels.

The aim of the industrial style is to achieve a warehouse feel, with large airy, open spaces. Some aspects of this style include; large windows, exposed pipe and brickwork, solid flooring. Colours seen in the style are often a palette of greys, with dark blues and rustic colours, allowing for bright colour accessories and furniture to be brought in. Lockers are ideal for the industrial style as they bring that ‘warehouse’ feel alongside being functional and stylish.

Home Office

All offices need functional and useful storage options, and some documents or folders may require security. Lockers can offer a unique style while offering a functional storage options with the possibility to lock. Use in home offices can be styled many ways, most common is the executive lockers, which are styled specifically to be fitted in offices, matching with most office furniture colours and styles.

However, if your office is industrial style then executive lockers wouldn’t work for you. A more traditional locker would work well with industrial decor. Having a standard steel locker with coloured doors may bring a pop of colour into your office, or have subtle black, grey or white doors to match stylishly with your office furniture.

Clothes/Wardrobe Storage

Loft conversions are often an ideal place to create the industrial style due the style suiting well to large open spaces. Lockers can be used as storage and wardrobes creating a unique look and style for the room.

Hotels often use the industrial styles within seating and bar areas and also within rooms. Whilst being stylish and simple to create it often wears well which works for hotel areas which have regular and constant use. Using a locker hotels create clothes storage or bedside tables for that functional but stylish ‘industrial’ look.


Lockers are often used at events to allow for a secure place for people to store their belongings. Many music festivals, sports events and shopping/trade fairs provide lockers for use of the customers.

Coin return lockers require users to use a pound coin in order to secure the locker. Once the key is back in the lock the user receives their money back. A coin retain locker requires user to pay £1 for use, however in comparison to the return locker, the retain lock keeps the money after use. Meaning coin retain lockers can provide an extra income for the providers or organisers.


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