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Essential Manual Lifting Equipment for Your Workplace

Posted on June 12th 2019 by Jordan Belfort.
Updated on: March 10th 2021.

Essential Manual Handling Equipment

According to the HSE, over a third of all workplace related injuries are caused by manual handling.  This alarming statistic goes to show just how important it is to have high quality and reliable manual lifting equipment in your workplace to avoid these injuries.

Lifting injuries are often a result of repetitive strain or an incorrect technique when picking up heavy items. It’s because of this that the HSE recommend that employees should use handling equipment wherever possible. Doing this greatly reduces the risk of injury. This is great for the employee as their job is made safer and for the company as the workforce has less time off injured.

What is Manual Lifting Equipment?

Manual Lifting Equipment is designed to make moving items easier and safer by removing the strain on the user. There are a variety of products available that fall into this category, including sack trucks, scissor lifts, roll cages, order picking trolleys and much more. All of these products are designed to carry large loads securely and with ease. Each one has a different type of functionality that removes the strain from the user and allows them to transport far heavier loads than they would be able to by hand.

Material Handling Essentials

Below we’ve listed some of the most commonly found and most useful products for handling and lifting. These are the kinds of equipment that are common place in lots of workplaces and not just industrial workshops and factories. All the items below can be made use of in offices, retail, health services and more.

Sack Trucks

Sack Trucks Sack trucks are one of our most popular handling & lifting products. They are ideal for moving furniture, boxed items, white goods and so on.

Often, customers start with reviewing the load capacity of a sack truck to see if it’s appropriate for their workplace. Every truck has a maximum capacity listed, ranging between 60kg up to 350kg to accommodate the items you are transporting. Other than the capacity, there a few other things to consider. These include the handle type, toe plate size and wheel type.

An inexpensive truck can be ideal for manual handling papers and supplies in an office environment. On the other hand a heavy duty sack truck is an essential asset for delivery services and industrial environments.

Pallet Trucks

Pallet Trucks Pallet Trucks are an absolute essential for any workplace that receives deliveries on a pallet. They are a lot cheap than a forklift truck and will do just as good a job at moving pallets at ground level.

Much like sack trucks, pallet jacks have a range of load capacities but are capable of moving much large weights. These units start with a huge 1000kg capacity and can go up to as much as 5000kg. A pump handle raises the forks off the ground and elevates the pallet slightly making it a breeze to move.

Many warehouses, stock rooms and more would be lost without a quality pallet truck. Be sure to get one if you deal with any palletised goods!

Mobile Lift Tables

Mobile Lift Tables

Scissor lifts are designed for versatility. They are often used to transport and lift heavy loads but are also useful as an easily adjusted work surface.

Lift tables have a place in any workplace that involves manual handling. The are ideal in a production line, moving and lifting products to packaging and shipping areas. They are great for workshops because they can take items that are being worked on between workstations with ease for a speedy workflow.

A simple foot pump action makes lifting heavy loads easier than ever for the user and the castors make it incredibly easy to move the items with little strain. You can even get an electric lift table which helps to remove any effort for the user when raising the table and improves the speed.

These are just a few products to help reduce the physical stress of manual handling in your workplace. Be sure to visit our website to view the full ranges and find the perfect product for your specific application.

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