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National No Smoking Day 2020

Posted on March 11th 2020 by Scott.
Updated on: March 10th 2021.

National No Smoking Day

National No Smoking Day 2020

Facts, Figures, Hints & Tips

As National No Smoking Day is upon us for 2020, its time to reflect on the facts and statistics associated with smoking. While all smokers are aware of the risks of smoking. We feel the occasional reminder may be all it take to motivate them to stop. Even though the harsh reality of its impacts are often ignored.

Even though some may feel there is no point in quitting as they have smoked for such a long time. It’s important to remember that, in fact, no matter how long you have been a smoker. It is never too late to curb the habit. In every puff of a cigarette, smokers inhale over 4000 chemicals. 250 of which are known to be harmful. With 50 of these being carcinogenic, according to an article by the World Health Organization. With these hazards in mind, both the NHS and the World Health Organization state that the health benefits when you quit smoking are almost immediate. These milestone are:

  • 20 Minutes: Your heart rate will begin to return to its normal
  • 8 Hours: Oxygen levels in your blood stream will be returning to normal, while the amount of carbon monoxide will be reduced by almost 50%
  • 48 Hours: Your body will be almost completely free of any carbon monoxide
  • 72 Hours: You should notice an increase in energy and an ease in breathing
  • 2 Weeks: Blood circulation in your body will begin to improve
  • 3 Months Respiratory problems like ‘smokers cough’ will begin to clear
  • 12 Months: Your risk of heart attack will have halved compared to when you were a smoker
  • 10 Years: Your risk of terminal lung cancer will be 50% less than a smoker
  • 15 Years: Your risk of heart attack should now be equal to that of someone that has never smoked

What is the law with Smoking at Work?

The smoking at work law is quite simple. Any working environment must display No Smoking Sign in all work-spaces and vehicles. This therefore prohibits smoking within any enclosed space. It is sensible to install a designated smoking shelter or area in an open outdoor space. This will consequently encourage smokers to be mindful of those who do not wish to be subject to their second hand smoke. With this, you may be thinking you want to encourage staff to quit smoking, but have already spent money on a smoking shelter. If this is the case. Have no fear.

Smoking Law Sign

What else can smoking shelter be used for

On National No Smoking Day we are promoting alternative uses for your smoking shelters. Firstly, they can serve as a great sheltered seating area for employees to get fresh air on breaks. These will be especially beneficial and much appreciated during bad weather. Another alternative use is to fit cycle racks to walls under the smoking shelter in order to re purpose it as a cycle shelter. Failing this, you could even completely ban the use of tobacco products on company premises. This will encourage the use of safer smoking alternatives, like e-cigarettes. You can do this quite easily with an Electronic Cigarettes Sign.

No Smoking E-Cigarettes Permitted Sign

What can businesses do to encourage staff to live healthier, smoke free lifestyles?

It is increasingly more popular for businesses to explore ways in which they can encourage their workforce to quit smoking and live healthier lifestyle. Some of the most common smoking cessation strategies and incentives are:

  • Extra annual leave for non smokers
  • Annual bonus for non smokers
  • Private Healthcare package for non smokers

Although these inevitably come at a cost to the business. They will in the long run be of benefit as your employees will be fitter, happier and stronger. Requiring less time off work when ill, in addition to being more productive and motivated while at work. So, lets work together to help the UK become smoke free, one step at a time.

Smoking Shelters

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