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An Introduction to CoSHH and CoSHH Cabinets

Posted on August 30th 2019 by Scott.

What is CoSHH and does it affect my business?

CoSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. CoSHH is a law that requires employers to take any necessary steps to control substances hazardous to health that are present within the working environment. As part of your CoSHH and Health and Safety assessments, you should also implement suitable emergency procedures. To help define how to deal with accidents involving these harmful substances. For example, these might include spill containment products, drench showers or first aid equipment. Consequently, as a result of the complexity and importance of CoSHH, HSE have condense the process into these 7 simple steps:

  • Identify what all the health hazards are
  • Outline how to prevent harm to health
  • Implement control measures to reduce risks as well as damage to health
  • Ensure use of equipment and procedures
  • Regularly review all control measures as well as to check their condition and effectiveness
  • Provide regular information, instruction and training to all necessary parties
  • Conduct detailed plans for the event of an emergency

Are the products we use classed as hazardous or harmful?

The CoSHH guidelines apply to all substances that can be identified as a corrosive, irritant, toxic, harmful or poisonous. The HSE label these as:

  • A chemical
  • Products containing chemicals
  • Fumes
  • Dusts
  • Mists
  • Nanotechnology
  • Gases and asphyxiating gases
  • Biological agents
  • Germs that cause disease

These guidelines (published by the Health and Safety Executive) recommend using a COSHH Cabinet to store hazardous substances. Without a doubt, a hazardous cupboard or cabinet should be a mandatory feature in places like schools, offices, laboratories, hospitals, factories and warehouses. However, before measuring up to buy your new CoSHH cabinet, you will need to consider the laws and regulations regarding the quantities of chemicals stored within a single location.

What is so special about CoSHH Cabinets?

A CoSHH Cabinet is designed to safely and securely store hazardous substances. Due to the nature of their purpose, they are available in different sizes and colours to suit a wide range of chemicals. These include flammables, agrochemicals, pesticides and acid and alkalis. CoSHH cupboards and cabinets are lockable, leak-proof and reinforced. This helps prevent access to the chemicals by the public, or persons without proper permission or training.

Who is to use our CoSHH cabinet?

Trusted and responsible team members should be the only ones with access to your CoSHH cupboards and cabinets. As a result, these person/s should hold full responsibility for their keys, and be completely aware of the impacts improper access to the cabinet can cause. Their role should also involve ensuring the cabinet is kept clean, locked and in good working order. Furthermore, this should all be clearly outlined in strictly enforced CoSHH and health and safety policies.

How should we store our hazardous substances?

Above all, you should store your hazardous substances in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines. Most CoSHH cabinets feature a leak-proof design and incorporate liquid tight sumps, to prevent the escape of any spillages within the cupboard or cabinet. Advice is that any obsolete or out of date substances should be disposed of in line with the manufacturers guidelines as well as local governmental regulations.

Which CoSHH cupboard or cabinet should we buy?

CoSHH cabinets are available in a range of sizes and colours to suit the varying types of substance stored within them. In fact, you can buy them as a static or mobile floor cupboards or wall cabinets and are commonly available with an additional floor stand to improve access. First and foremost, it is important that the cabinet is large enough for the volume of substance you need to store, and that it fits within the available space. It is therefore important when measuring up to consider the amount of room that will be left over for access. Ample access room is necessary to reduce the risk of accidents involving the harmful substances.

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