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Industrial Racking for the Workplace

Posted on July 1st 2021 by Sophie Taylor.

Industrial Racking In Use

Industrial Racking In Use

Getting the correct Industrial Racking for your workplace is an important step for any company. This is so crucial to ensure a neat and safe working environment. We offer a wide selection of racking to suit all requirements. So whether you have a small or large space we can recommend the best heavy duty racking for you.

Industrial Racking is a cost-effective way to store heavy goods and pallets. The heavy duty racking offers full support to all material stored. Due to there being so many different combination options, which are made up of uprights, connectors and beams. As well as racking, we also offer heavy duty shelving for industrial environments.

Pallet Racking

Standard Pallet Racking

Standard Pallet Racking

We offer a range of pallet racking that is to the highest standards and quality. The different sizes and configurations make this suitable for most warehouses. This can help enhance productivity with a logical and clear storage system. As well as offering this, it is also industry standard compliant. Our racking is also a boltless design, this allows the user to reconfigure at ease to suit the user. This helps to maximise warehouse storage space. Whilst offering a solution that works for most. All the pallet racking is for UK and Euro pallets as these are the most popular used.

The pallet racking can hold an impressive 2000kg UDL per shelf level. This makes it suitable for UK and Euro Pallet containing large or heavy items. Making this perfect for factories that use forklift trucks a lot to move goods around. The frames are already assembled to make setup quick, just add the base plates and floor fixings along with the beams locking pins. Each level is on 50mm pitches to adjust to how the user needs it.

As well as a sturdy structure, the frames are galvanised to ensure they are suitable for standard environments along with damp areas. The beams are a orange powder coat which is scratch resistant, this makes the racking highly visible, this is especially needed around forklifts. We do starter and extension bays in this range so the storage can grow with the company. Although we don’t recommend having single or standalone starter bays as this could lower the sturdiness if it’s loaded heavy. This is also the same for bays with just one shelf level, it’s a lot of weight for one shelf to handle so we would recommend further.

Shortspan and Longspan Shelving

Longspan Shelving

Longspan Shelving

Another option we have available is Shortspan and Longspan shelving. These are great for any environments. Especially ones that still need a heavy duty storage shelving option. These are available in many colours and sizes to make these an option for many environments. With a hard-wearing finish and sturdy shelving boards. This shelving system offers storage and organisation. Thus in turn helping to improve the productivity and workflow in warehouse environments. The load capacity of these units are 500kg UDL per level.

We have starter and extension bays available so it’s possible to make runs as long as you need the shelving. Each bay comes with 3 shelves included that heights can adjust at every 50mm, so all items can fit, with the option to add more shelves if necessary. The shelves provided are 18mm thick and can be secured using supports and locking pins, making it the perfect robust and sturdy construction. Whilst remaining a heavy duty shelving unit, the simplistic design allows for a short assembly time that is effortless.

TUFF Shelving

TUFF Shelving 450kg

TUFF Shelving 450kg

Our TUFF Shelving is one of our best seller’s due to it being convenient and cost effective. We offer a wide range of load capacities on the TUFF shelving starting from 100kg. But if you are after this for an industrial environment. Then we would recommend the 450kg option or the Longspan 450kg we have available.

These are a more lighter industrial racking option. If it’s for heavier duty then we would still recommend the pallet racking. All the TUFF Shelving comes with a quick and easy boltless design assembly. The adjustable shelves included make this shelving a versatile and resilient storage solution. As well as the individual units, we also have bundle deals available. These offer the same top quality shelving but at a lower cost. Perfect for warehouses that need extra units at a good price. Each shelving unit can hold up to 450kg UDL with 3 widths available to choose from.

If you need any further information or help to find the correct industrial racking for you. Then our friendly sales team will be happy to help. You can get in touch via live chat, calling 01922743833 or emailing.

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