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6 Tricks to Help Organize Your Storage Shelving

Posted on November 12th 2019 by Scott.

6 Tricks to Help Organize Your Storage Shelving

Storage Shelving – Introduction

We all look at our storage areas at time and wonder how we can make it work better. At Workplace Products we have devised these 6 tricks to help you get your storage spaces clean, tidy and organised.

1. Sort through your stuff

Sort through your items

We are all guilty of being hoarders from time to time. In reflection, wanting to keep hold of certain items, whether sentimental or valuable, is not a problem. However if we continue to do this over and over we will very quickly become over run with items in long term storage.

Once you have your storage system set up we recommend having a regular sort through the items, on an annual basis for example. This will present you with the opportunity to dispose of anything you now consider as being surplus to requirements.

Think about how you will dispose of any unwanted items. It is crucial to be mindful of sensitive or confidential data, as well as to recycle or donate to charities wherever possible.

2. Measure up

Workplace Products Tape Measure

Now that you have cleared the area you intend to use for storage, you will need to measure up the amount of available space. When doing this, be sure to allow for the hinging of doors, as well as adequate space to load and unload boxes on to your storage shelving units.

The industry standards for measurements are in mm. Be as accurate as possible with you measurements.

In most cases it is easier to draw a basic room diagram. This will allow you to make a note of all dimensions as well as to visualise the end result.

3. Invest in suitable Storage Solutions

There is a wide array of Shelving & Storage products on the market which promise to provide a reliable solution to you needs. These include storage shelving and storage racking units as well as storage cupboards and cabinets. All of these have their own unique features and benefits. These typically include:

    1. Storage Shelving: Shelving provides numerous levels of storage which often boast ease of access and durability. A top seller for general storage use is our Tuff Shelving range, which boasts boltless assembly as well as a modern hard wearing finish.
    2. Storage Cupboards: These provide a versatile storage solution with their durable body and lockable doors. Commonly available in a variety of finishes, meaning you can configure the perfect look for your storeroom, garage or warehouse. Storage cabinets and cupboards provide added security and protection which is perfect for valuable or fragile items.

TUFF Storage Shelving Group

4. Acquire adequate storage containers

Whether you choose to use storage shelves or cupboards, you will probably need some good quality storage containers. The purpose of your storage should dictate the most suitable type of storage boxes. For example: clear plastic storage containers make it easy to locate items with their transparency enhancing visibility. Whereas many coloured storage boxes are opaque, giving privacy and security. If you choose to use non see through storage boxes, you may wish to utilize a logical labelling system in order to assist with organization.

5. Pack it all up

Once you have your items logically divided. Storage shelving or cupboards in assembled and in place, and containers ready, it is time to start packing. Ensure you use the relevant packaging to protect your items. This might wallets or folders for confidential archives as well as bubble wrap or newspaper for wrapping fragile items of stock.

6. Load up the units

Now all the hard work is done, it is time to start loading you shelving and cupboards. We advise putting heavier items on lower levels in addition to lighter items on higher levels. This will help maintain the rigidity of your shelving, while preventing the potential cause of injury.

By following these simple steps you are sure to make the most out of your storage investment. If you have any queries or bespoke requirements then please get in touch with our knowledgeable Sales Team via Live Chat.

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