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The Definitive Lockers Buyer’s Guide

Posted on August 10th 2016 by Peter.
Updated on: October 25th 2017.

The Defiitive Lockers Buyers Guide

Everyone knows what a locker is. We throw our gym bag in one, we hang our work clothes in one, we keep our mobile phone and keys in one, and the stereotypical geek in an 80’s high school movie gets hilariously locked in one.

It’s basically a storage box with a door, but we make them so much more.

Many business owners find lockers are convenient and cost effective storage units for employees and the public to use. With the many types of lockers and additional options available to navigate through, we thought it best to help you make the right choice when deciding on the best lockers for your business.

Lockers Buyers Guide by Workplace Products

So here are some of the key points to consider when selecting your new lockers:


Who will use the lockers?

This is probably straight forward to answer in most cases as you’ll be providing the lockers to solve a certain storage problem.

Adults or Children?
The majority of adults can use full height (1.8m) lockers with a number of locking options, where as children require shorter options with ergonomic locks that suit their smaller hands and fine motor skills.

Employees or public?
Standard lockers would be fine for employees where you could assign each person a compartment, or trust them with keys. If the lockers are available for the public to use, then more robust units may be required, along with a suitable locking option such as a coin return lock.

Which type of locker?

There are 3 main types of locker: steel body with coloured steel door(s), steel body with decorative laminate door fascia, and plastic lockers with plastic doors. There are pros and cons for each type, all depending on the environment they will be installed in.

Are they for indoor or outdoor use?
Steel lockers are the standard for indoor use, in places such as school corridors, staff rooms, break rooms and dry changing rooms. There’s an abundance of configuration and style options to suit your requirements and if you really want something unique, we can discuss a bespoke production run for you. For outdoor storage you’ll want lockers that can withstand the elements while retaining their stylishly good looks. Plastic lockers are the main option for outdoors, with door seals and robust plastic moulding they’re good all year round.

Wet or humid areas?
For environments such as pool changing rooms where water and steam are bound to be around, wet area steel lockers are most popular. Our wet area lockers are made from pre-coated galvanised steel, making them ideal for damp environments or where frequent washing down is required. Plastic lockers tend to cost more than their steel counterparts, but they do have superior water resistance, will never rust, and after being washed out or if very wet, the slight slope on each compartment shelf directs water to drain away.

Which size locker & how many compartments?

This is one of the most important aspects to consider; the height, width and depth of the locker overall, along with the amount of compartments in each unit. You’ve got to make sure that the items that will be potentially stored in your new lockers are going to fit, but you’ve got to have enough lockers for everyone to use.


  • Our standard lockers are 1800mm high, in a choice of widths and depths usually between 300mm and 450mm.
  • Cube lockers are individual square compartments used to create columns of storage lockers. Ideal for spaces where a full height 1.8m unit can be installed, or in schools for smaller children.
  • Quarto lockers are individual quarter height compartments used individually, bolted together in blocks, or to combine lockers by acting as linking bridges or extra top lockers.
  • Personal effects lockers (personal item lockers) feature higher quantity but smaller size compartments and are for storing personal items such as key, wallets, purses and mobile devices.

Our 1.8m high locker ranges feature single, full height locker compartments, up to 8 compartments.

Single and 2 door compartments are ideal for most storage uses. They are very popular staff lockers or changing room lockers. Our 1 door lockers come with a convenient top shelf for storing smaller items and coat hook and/or hanging rail as standard while 2 door lockers come with coat hook in each compartment as standard.

Choosing 3 compartments or more still allows you to store items such as backpacks, handbags, helmets, work-wear and boots, it just gives you the ability to have more locker compartments per unit. 3 and 4 door lockers are ideal for education settings as they provide great sizes secure personal storage for students.

Our 6 and 8 door lockers are very popular in industrial and commercial settings where storage for personal effects is required.

Which type of lock?

We offer a number of locking upgrades for all of our locker ranges. Most of them can be found as optional extras/upgrades on our product pages. Any upgrades not featured online can be added to an order via live chat or over the phone. Here are our most popular upgrades:

  • Cam lock – the standard locking option included in a lockers price, supplied with 2 keys per lock.
  • Hasp and staple – allows locking via users padlock, usually included in the lockers price. Also ideal for children’s lockers without padlock.
  • Combination lock – simple and effective 3 digit code lock, no need for keys. Master key to override lock available.
  • Digital combination lock – easy to program and use, usually with over 40,000 combinations. Master code override.
  • Coin return/retain – available with coin denominations £/€ or tokens, for either return to the user or retain as payment for use of the compartment.

Any extra or specialist requirements?

Most of our locker ranges have optional extras such as sloping tops or locker stands available to purchase

  • Sloping tops – help to maintain your locker area by discouraging placement of objects or waste on top on lockers. Also helps cleaning of locker tops.
  • Master keys – locker locked and no keys? No problem.
  • Stands – available for single and nests of lockers, stands raise lockers off the ground to help keep clean floor surfaces. Helps adhere to health and safety regulations.
  • Charging – charging lockers are available for the secure charging of tools and small electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops.


Over 80% of our lockers are manufactured here in the UK, and with the most popular ranges available from stock it’s no wonder customers come back to us time and time again. If you’re really desperate and need your lockers quickly, we have stocked ranges that we can ship out for 3 day and even next day delivery.

Delivery & Installation

Did you know we provide free delivery to UK mainland addresses. We use specialist third party courier services to deliver our lockers to your premises, within the lead times stated on our product pages.
We offer an installation service on Armour lockers for an additional charge. Please contact us for a quote.

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