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Tool Storage Ideas: Keeping Your Garage Organised

Posted on June 4th 2019 by Aodhan Kinsella.

A cluttered workshop or garage is every workman’s nightmare. Searching for tools and components when working and not being able to find them, slows down tasks and causes frustration! The issue is – tool storage is not something any of us particularly want to concentrate on. Most workers have prioritised other things. Like the task at hand!

Yet an organised workplace environment puts workers in a position to complete tasks quicker. In fast paced working environments this is particularly important. Which is why tool storage ideas is well worth the time thinking about.

We’ve put together a list of tool storage ideas to consider below. So whether you’re a DIY Enthusiast or a tradesman, we hope it helps you get the ball rolling!

Tool Storage Ideas:

1. Tool Cabinets with Pegboards/Louvre Panels

Tool Storage Idea: Tool Cabinets with Pegboards/Louvre Panels

Tool cabinets are a great solution for storing various tools and items. Available with pegboards and louvre panels inside to attach clips to. Users have the ability to store and organise different items. With attached pegboards and louvre panels, the user also has the ease of viewing their items. Without having to touch or move them.

2. Drawer Cabinets

Our second tool storage idea is in the form of drawer cabinets. Available with different drawer configurations, drawer cabinets are a versatile storage solution. Tools usually slot in to drawer inserts within the drawers. Their appearance makes them great for kitting out workshops. As well as this, their cabinet tops provide great worktop surfaces. Another great option with drawer cabinets is that they can be available on wheels. Meaning that tools can be transferred at once without the risk of disorganisation.

3. System Flow Trolleys

Another top tool storage idea is the use of system flow trolleys. Slim in design, these trolleys are especially suited to hand tools and small parts. Available mobile or stationery, they provide a quick and easy identification of tools. In essence, the system flow trolleys provide large peg boards or louvre panels to clip items to.

4. Tool Chests & Vaults

The final top tool storage idea comes in the form of tool chests and vaults. Both provide large storage areas to organise parts in. Tool chests can usually be mobile on castors and feature drawers as well as a chest for bigger items. This makes them easy to move when needed, as well as versatile in their use. Like the chests, tool vaults have the capacity to store a range of items. Usually placed on a floor surface, vaults tend to offer robust secure storage from a fixed position.

At Workplace Products, we provide a great range of workshop equipment. Including tool cabinets, drawer cabinets, system flow trolleys and tool chests & vaults. All readily available under our Workbenches category here. Or simply click on the above images! We hope you enjoyed reading our blog! Please feel free to comment any other tool storage ideas we haven’t mentioned! 

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