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Project – Northampton General Hospital Lockers

Posted on August 3rd 2020 by Jordan Belfort.

With a huge number of staff in a hospital, it’s not easy giving them space to store their belongings. To make sure all staff personal property can be kept safe, Northampton General decided to invest in locker storage.

Choosing TUFF Lockers

To allow staff the space for storing their personal items and uniforms, Northampton General opted for our bestselling TUFF Lockers. A two door locker was the right choice to offer more than enough space.

Each compartment comes fitted with a coat hook and plenty of room for a backpack and change of clothes. For security they also decided to swap the standard cam locks for a swivel latch design. The Swivel Latch Lock allows each person to lock anyone of the lockers with their own padlock. This allows for more flexibility as users don’t need to use the exact same locker every day. Instead they can switch between them and are responsible for their own padlocks and keys.

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