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Keyless Start Cars – How to Protect Yours with Parking Posts and More

Posted on October 7th 2019 by Scott.
Updated on: March 10th 2021.

Keyless Start Car Crime


Keyless Start Car Thefts – What are the Facts and How do I Protect My Car?



Car crime, more specifically car crime relating to cars with keyless starting systems surged last year. The biggest increase being in the West Midlands, reportedly rising by 214% from 2014 – 2018 (Direct Line Group).  Unlike ‘traditional’ methods of car crime, warnings are that criminals are now using new technology in order to gain access to and steal our cars. A BBC article explains how thieves can break into your car electronically – in less than 10 seconds. In addition to this, statistics say the total number of vehicle thefts increased to over 113,000 in 2018.  Which therefore equates to approximately one report of a stolen vehicle every five minutes.

As criminals adapt new methods of breaking and entering. It is therefore important for us to devise ways of outsmarting them. This could be by combining primitive measures with technology and common sense.


Five tips to reduce the risks of your car being stolen.

We have devised the following tips to helps keep your car safe at home, work or while out shopping. Although some of these seem obvious, being mindful of how and where we leave our cars can be the biggest contribution to its safety.

1. Parking Location

The majority of car thefts occur overnight. When it is dark and discreet for criminals to make their move. If you do not have the luxury of a private drive or garage, try to leave your car on a well lit street. The increased visibility can often deter thieves.
It is becoming increasingly popular to use parking posts and barriers in parking spaces and driveways to prevent thefts of keyless starting cars. Even though car thieves may still be able to gain access to your car by tracking the keys signal, using parking posts will add another obstacle. You can explore a wide range of Parking Posts and Car Park Barriers at Workplace Products.

2. Lock and Check

Most cars nowadays have remote locking systems. While these are convenient., the majority of us use them while walking away from our cars. This is not an issue per-se. What is a problem is it is often difficult for us to check the car is actually locked. For this reason we advise locking your car while you are in close vicinity. This will then give you the opportunity to check the doors have actually locked.

3. Look After Your Keys

Easy access to your keys gives car thieves a great opportunity. Ensure you zip up bags and pockets while out, and ensure while at home they are not left in the back of doors or in clear sight.

4. Signal Blockers

Although some car keys have the option to ‘turn off’ its keyless start and entry signal, there are still some that don’t.  There are now many products on the market which can ‘block’ the signal emitted by your keys. Utilizing one of these with is an additional measure to prevent the theft of your car.

5. Invest in the right technology

Although alarms and immobilisers prevent the theft of our cars. If the keyless sentry and start field is hacked, this will also allow thieves to override them. Using an old fashioned steering wheel, pedal or gear lock are relatively cheap, easy to install and deter criminals. Whereas installing vehicle trackers and home CCTV systems can often help with recovering your car when taken.


Keyless Start Car Theft - Parking Posts Footer

Keyless Start Car Theft – Parking Posts Footer

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