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Introducing Binary Height Adjustable Workbenches

Posted on October 19th 2017 by Jordan Belfort.


Introducing Binary Height Adjustable Workbenches

In the last few years height adjustable workbenches have been steadily growing in popularity. Over time more people are seeing and feeling the benefits of the versatility they offer. They are using them to help convert outdated workshops into ergonomic, modern workspaces.

As the demand for these products grow, so does our product range.

We now offer the exciting new Binary workbenches as a complete solution to further meet these needs. There are a fair few differences between the Binary Workbenches, with each one excelling in different ways. First of all let’s take a look at the features that are consistent across the whole range.

Binary Key FeaturesBinary Worktops

  • All of our Binary workbenches are available with either laminate or beech worktops. These are two incredibly popular, industry standard materials for workbench tops and there are a few key differences between them. On a purely superficial level, beech is typically considered to be the more attractive choice of material. That being said, laminate is often a lot easier to maintain and keep clean.


  • There are three different widths available, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm, as they are are ideal for most industrial work. The variation in the available sizes means that it is easy to select a workbench that will comfortably fit into your workplace.


  • A maximum load capacity of 240kg UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) is shared by all the Binary Workbenches. This is more than enough for day to day work and ideal for industrial work which often involves particularly heavy items. This large load capacity is achieved through the quality construction of the bench to ensure that the frame will not buckle and break.


  • The black powder coated frames are an addition to the Binary Workbenches that set them apart from a lot of other workbenches on the market. It gives them a unique appearance, but it is also hard wearing to ensure the workbench can maintain its appearance over time.


  • All of the benches can be kitted out with an extensive array of accessories. This not only makes for a more functional workstation but it also allows you to make the perfect workbench, designed specifically for your job. All of the accessories attached above the worktop are fully modular and can be placed wherever you need them. Each of the optional arms can be fitted with a variety of items. This includes magnetic panels, louvre panels and storage shelves.

 Binary Workbench Accessories

Binary Key Differences

Those were the common features between the Binary Workbenches, but there are also some important differences. The biggest of which is the height adjustable functionality of each one.

Binary Fixed Height Workbenches

Although this workbench is not adjustable in height there are three different fixed heights available. This gives them excellent potential, not only as workbenches in their own right, but also as extension workbenches to use in conjunction with the Binary  Height Adjustable Workbenches. The lack of any height adjustment also makes these the cheapest of the range. They work as an entry level to Binary that can still be fitted with all of the accessories to make a workbench tailored to your needs.

Binary Fixed Height Workbench

Binary Manual Height Adjustable Workbenches

This workbench allows you to make adjustments to the workbench height with just an Allen key. Simply flip the bench over, loosen the frame with the Allen key, adjust to your preferred height and tighten it up again. A simple solution to get a workbench height that is appropriate for the job you do. This user can have their work surface at the ideal height which will help avoid the unnecessary strain that can come with working at an incorrect height.

Manual Allen Key Adjustment

Binary Electric Height Adjustable Workbenches

The most versatile and well-rounded of the entire range, the height of this workbench can be changed with the touch of a button. This means that users can sit or stand effortlessly during their day. A great benefit to their health when compared to remaining in one position for hours at a time. The electric height adjustment offers an improved workflow and a seamless transition between working heights.

This can be made even more instantaneous using the premium height adjustment module. Whereas the standard module has just two buttons for up and down, the premium module has six. These allow for vertical movement and also offer the user three buttons to save their preferred height settings to. Simply adjust and hit the save button to make a new preset.

Electric height adjustment is ideal for areas where the work surface height changes regularly. For shift work each individual can have their own setting saved and ready to go. By doing this, using these workbenches will help you streamline your workflow and optimise your production rate.

Binary Electric Height Adjustment

To see the full range of Binary Workbenches and all our other Workbenches head over to the Workplace Products website. See all the available options and decide which workbench setup is best for you.

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