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Improve Productivity with Height Adjustable Workbenches

Posted on May 4th 2017 by Jordan Belfort.

Improve Productivity with Height Adjustable WorkbenchesWhy choose a height adjustable workbench? We are always looking to improve productivity in the workplace. Taking steps to improve comfort whilst at work can be an incredibly effective way to do so. Height adjustable workbenches are an innovative and simple solution to this in industrial and manufacturing environments.

Avoiding Injury

In 2016, cases of Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) made up 41% of work related illness. This is caused by uncomfortable working conditions and repetitive strain. The research from the Labour Forces Survey also suggests that an average of 16 days was lost for each case of MSD involving time off work[1].

That’s a lot of valuable time lost to something that is preventable. It’s also something more likely to affect those most valued members of staff who work for the most years.

By using height adjustable workbenches work surfaces will always be at an appropriate height for the task at hand. This means you and your employees are able to work in comfort, avoiding MSD related injury and the unwanted sick days that hinder productivity. For a cost effective solution, take a look at the Treston TP Ergonomic Workbenches, easily adjusted with an allen key.Treston Workbenches

Production Quality

Height adjustable workbenches can also improve consistency and work rate. They give the user the ability to manipulate the work surface height to accommodate the task they are working on. This helps to stop straining to reach around or lean over and avoids the fatigue and injury that can often come with this.

Without the impact of fatigue on the working day, more consistent work will get done, avoiding any drop in quality. The Treston WB Ergonomic Workbenches have the option for an electric motor to make adjusting the workbench quick and easy in the middle of a job. Alternatively the Cost Saver Workbenches have a more traditional hand crank to adjust the height. Cost Saver Height Adjustable Workbench

Individual Workspace

By having height adjustable desks in the workplace, users are capable of individualising of their workspace. The user can sit or stand, not only dependent upon the job at hand, but also dependent upon their mood. If they have been sat down more than usual they can choose to stand for a time instead. Things like this help break up the day and help to improve moral.

The workbenches are also easily adjusted for shift based working. When a new worker takes over the workstation they can simply adjust the surface height to what is appropriate for them and get on with the job. There are also a huge range of accessories available to accompany the entire Treston and Premium Height Adjustable Workbenches ranges to customise beyond the desk height.

Visit the Workplace Products website to see the full range and see if you can improve productivity with height adjustable workbenches.



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  1. John says:

    Great article. Improving productivity is great in whatever we do. Less time spent, more results produced

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