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How do you Open a Locker?

Posted on October 4th 2021 by Jordan Belfort.

How do you open a locker?

There are a lot more ways to open a locker door than you might think.

This all comes down to the type of locks you choose to install in your locker doors. At Workplace Products, we aim to offer our customers as much customisation for their lockers as possible. Just see how many different locker configurations we offer here!

Cam LockKey Lock

These are one of the most common type of lock which use a single key to open a locker. It’s because of this that most of the Lockers on our website come with these fitted as standard. They are commonly supplied with 2 keys per lock for access in case of an emergency or if one key is lost.

Cam locks can also be opened with a Master Key. This is as simple as it sounds. A Master Key is designed to override any of the locks to allow access to all the compartments if needed. A great option for leaving with management or caretakers.

Hasp & Staple LockSwivel Lock

Hasp & Staple Locks are sometimes called a swivel latch or a padlock lock. These locks have been designed for use with a padlock and are ideal for locations with multiple users per compartment.

This lock type means that user is responsible for the safe storage of their items if you don’t choose to supply a padlock. This is a great solution to the issue of lost keys in school, leisure centres and more as you won’t have to worry about getting any replacements.

Swivel latch locks are also as cost effective as cam locks, not costing any more to install.

Coin Return & Retain LocksCoin Lock

There are two different coin operated locks to choose from. Coin return locks use a pound coin to allow the compartment to lock and then returns that coin when the user is finished and unlocks the locker.

The second coin lock option is a coin retain lock. This lock keeps the coin stored after the user is finish. This helps provide you with an additional source of revenue. The pound coins are stored safely in a compartment on the back of each locker door, ready for a member of staff to collect later on.

Combination LocksCombination Lock

A classic combination lock uses 4 digit code to access each of the compartments.

These locks allow the user to set a four digit passcode with more than 10,000 possible combinations. They are a great solution for offices or changing rooms where members of staff repeatedly use the same compartment. Combination locks also mean there is no need for keys or padlocks which might be misplace. The user will always be able to open a locker as long as they can remember their passcode.

Digital Keypad LocksDigital Lock

Similar to the mechanical version above, Digital Keypad Locks allow users access at all times without a key. It’s simple to programme an individual passcode and designed for users to take ownership over their compartment.

Each lock is battery operated and features an override master code in case you need to open a locker without the appropriate passcode. Unlike traditional locks, this further removes the need to have an kind of master key.


To see our different locks in action on high quality lockers, head over to the Lockers section of our website.

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