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Creating a Practical Two Person Office

Posted on July 26th 2017 by Jordan Belfort.

The working world is changing rapidly and these days more and more people are working from home. People are doing freelance work from home and employers are seeing the benefits of allowing their employees to work in their own space.

Back in 2015 information was collected showing that over 4.2 million people in Britain were working regularly from home. This is a rise of almost a million people when compared to just 10 years prior. Back in 2005 3.4 million people were working from home [1].

As this trend continues to grow, the need for an efficient home office for two people is becoming more necessary. Perhaps you are a freelancing couple working from home. Maybe you’re two friends in a small office space, trying your hand at a start-up venture. If you don’t have a well thought out office design, your two person office might start to feel a little bit on the small side very quickly.

Lauren and Rob from Photography Concentrate made the decision to completely overhaul their home office a few years ago and haven’t looked back since [2]. They took the time to look at the way they worked and then go about the process of creating the perfect space for them. Of course we don’t all have the same years of experience spent in a two person office or the time to painstakingly put together our own desks, shelves and more.

Here we hope to help you cut out the need for years of experience and figure out what you need for your office space right off the bat.

How do you both like to work?

The way in which the two of you work will determine how you need to layout your office space. If you need to communicate regularly, bouncing ideas off each other, you will need to work in close proximity. On the other hand, if the work you do needs to be separate, you will need to keep your workspaces apart.

You need to take into account the kind of work that each of you does. If you are both working on laptops or desktops all day you need to be mindful of where the sockets are located around the room.  Consider where the windows are and the parts of the room where there will be glare on the screens. Does one of you need more space if you work with more creative mediums and like to spread out?

The importance of desks

In a close quarter’s office space, your desks are the focal piece. They are the objects that your life in that room revolves around. The desks you choose and how you arrange them will make or break the harmony in your two person office.

So, how will you arrange your desks and what kind of desks do you need?

Working together with facing desks

If you need to work together, bouncing ideas around and sharing information quickly between yourselves, you’ll want your desks close together. For this you can use back to back, two person desks. They make a great solution, with both of you facing each other ready to send ideas back and forth.

A panel underneath the desk will avoid your cables getting tangled or you moving in on each other’s leg room. You can also add a screen to the top of the desks. This will preserve some privacy whilst still being able to communicate easily.

Working independently with desks facing away

Those of you who need to work independently will need to approach your desking differently. For this we would suggest having your desks apart – perhaps on opposite sides of the room or just facing different directions as pictured above. By doing this you will guarantee your workspaces don’t get jumbled and you’ll be less likely to be distracted by each other.

Having your desks so separate will also allow you more freedom to customise your workspace specifically to your liking. You also won’t need to have the same desks if you have particular preferences. Our best suggestion is to go for matching height adjustable desks in this scenario. The desks will match visually, maintaining consistency, but their heights can be tailored to the user’s needs.

Working side by side in a two person office

If neither of these sounds right for you, there’s always a happy medium by working at side by side desks. A great compromise, allowing you to look ahead and focus but easily converse with your office partner whenever you need to.

Selecting the Right Storage

You’ll need to get your storage right while sharing an office. Even sharing just with one other person, a two person office can become very disorganised without the right storage.

Shared storage is a good idea for all the things that both of you always need access to. This might include general items such as paper and batteries or items specific to your jobs if you both do similar roles. The easiest way to provide shared storage regardless of your desk set up is to have a separate cupboard away from the desks for these things. A combination cupboard can offer versatility with cupboard spaces, whilst also providing drawers for smaller items.

For your individual storage you can pair your desks with matching under desk pedestals. This will not only provide you with a space to store all the things you need to keep separate from your colleague but also provide you with convenient desk based storage. Keep your everyday essentials like headphones to block out any excess noise close at hand to keep you focused.

Two Person Office Storage

The key to creating a two person office that works for you is to think carefully about the way in which you work. Once you’ve figured out how you both spend you working day you can furnish the room to suit. Lauren and Rob of Photography Concentrate figured out that the way they worked meant they didn’t need all of the extra clutter in their office. They started over, working from the ground up to make a room centred around their desks, necessary storage and comfort.

Do you already share a small or a home office? Are you just about to start working from home and currently crafting your office space? Tell us about your office for two in the comments.

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