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Coin Operated Lockers

Posted on November 17th 2016 by Peter.
Updated on: July 27th 2017.

This article is about the new £1 coin launched in March 2017. If you’re looking to buy Coin Operated Lockers, go here.

What are the benefits of coin operated lockers? What can we do to prepare for the new £1 coin? It’s simple really…

Coin Operated Lockers 2017

What are coin operated lockers?

Simply put, they are a set of storage compartments that require a coin to lock them. Sick and tired of keys going missing from your lockers? They help get rid of this common issue for locker owners.

Popular with gyms and leisure centres, each locker compartment is secured with a key lock. The vital difference? The user will need to insert a returnable coin in to the lock for it to release the key. This is the most effective way to provide secure storage to customers, while making sure they are not misused and you still have keys for each door!

We also offer coin retain locks if you’d like to charge for their use.

Please note: All our lockers sold from July 2016 are compatible with both the old round and new 12-sided £1 coins.

Coin operated lockers and the new £1 coin

Do you handle cash as a business? Then I’m sure you’ll already be aware of the new £1 coin. It’s the first new pound coin design in 30 years and it’s due to hit our pockets in March 2017.

The reason for the new design? Experts calculate that one in thirty £1 coins are fake. The new design introduces a highly secure coin, which seeks to end high costs to taxpayers and the general public.

A 12-sided larger, yet lighter and thinner £1 coin will co-exist with the current round coin for 6 months from March 2017 till the Autumn. After this period you’ll need to make sure all of your coin operated lockers can take the new design coin.

2017 £1 Coin Front & Back

The Royal Mint advise business owners to make any changes to coin operated equipment sooner rather than later. They also recommend training up your staff on the new £1 coins features to get them familiar with it. Materials to help with this can be found on the new pound coin website.

We’ve come up with a couple of solutions to help you make the transition.

Replace your coin locks with new compatible versions

We have new coin locks than can take both the round and 12-sided pound coins. They are available to buy online right here. We even have versions for humid and wet conditions.

Simply take a look at the back of your existing locks to find out if they are L&F, Probe or ASSA. Replacement locks from the same manufacturer has the same footprint so they can be seamlessly switched.

Coin operated lock

It’s a quick and easy way to get ready for the change over. There are some conversion kits available elsewhere online but these involve taking each coin lock apart to adapt the internal workings of each lock. In our experience, this proves time consuming and costly. It’s much simpler to change out the whole lock as it doesn’t need an expert to carry out the work.

Use tokens instead of coins

The £1 coin locks will also accept tokens instead of actual coins. These are specially made round tokens that have the same dimensions as the round round £1 coin.

We recommend that you take a £1 deposit for each token to encourage their return. You’ll also require a staff member or receptionist to issue the tokens. It’s not the most convenient way to adapt to the coin change, but if budgets are tight it’ll certainly do the job.

Upgrade to combination or digital locks

Don’t forget there are other locking options available! You could always revert to a key or padlock locking system. There is also mechanical or electronic combination locks. The user simply sets the code for the duration of its use, without the need for coins or keys.

Coin operated lockers are a great and convenient way to provide secure storage space for customers at your premises. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help implement them in to your business. Drop us a line or fire up our live chat box to get started.

2 thoughts on “Coin Operated Lockers”

  1. Luke Mcallister says:

    Good Morning,

    I am looking to convert 100 lockers into coin operated lockers for our Agency staff at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole.
    Would it be possible to just order the coin lock?

    Look forward to your reply


    1. Peter says:

      Good Morning Luke,

      We can definitely help you convert your agency staff lockers. I’ve passed your message on to our sales manager who will be in contact shortly.

      Kind Regards,

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