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Why Choose a Static Scissor Lift?

Posted on June 28th 2021 by Jordan Belfort.

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There are a lot of different tools available for moving heavy objects whilst at work. This includes a range of mobile options including sack trucks, picking trolleys and pallet trucks. So, when do you need to choose a Static Scissor Lift?

A Permanent Solution

Static scissor lifts are exactly what they sound like. They are lift tables designed for you to leave in one place as a permanent lifting solution.

This makes them ideal for adding to a production line or any other consistent work flow. If your work doesn’t need to be mobile, a static table can be a more reliable solution than a platform with castors. Castors are easily knocked and can move slightly even when they are locked. Without these variables you can achieve a more consistent and quicker pace of work.

A standard static table can either be floor mounted or lowered into pit. Using a pit will allow the platform to be completely level with the floor for improved loading and unloading. Once in position the static scissor lift can be bolted into place, making sure it doesn’t move.

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Powerful Electric Lifting

Mobile lifting options are often limited by size and load capacity. This is where static lift tables really come into their own. By avoiding the health and safety risks that come with moving heavy objects around, they are capable of lifting far heavier and larger loads.

These machines are perfect for heavy duty, industrial environments. From pallet sized platforms to huge tandem lift tables, there’s a lifting solution for any problem. There’s also no need to compromise on lift height, as double, triple and quad scissor options are available.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of an electric lift table is the quick lifting of extremely heavy items. Load capacities can range from as low as 400kg, all the way up to a huge 6000kg. Raising up these kind of loads is made as simple as pushing a button. There’s also no need to strain or pump a foot pedal like there is on mobile alternatives.

Lift Table Types

To conclude, static lift tables are not quite as versatile as mobile platforms but they are incredibly useful in the right situation. If you need any help in your search for a scissor lift, be sure to get in touch with our sales team.

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