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Choosing the Best Bike Shelters For Schools

Posted on September 5th 2017 by Jordan Belfort.

Choosing the Best Bike Shelters For Schools

As the new school year comes around, it’s time to think about the improvements to make to the school premises. What are the most effective projects to invest resources and money into? How will these changes benefit the students?

Bike Shelters are often an overlooked opportunity to offer a very useful facility to students and faculty. Although a lot of schools may already have bike storage, this is often nothing more than a small bike rack. This is most likely hidden somewhere out of the way and only has enough space for a few bikes. Bikes are valuable items and no one wants to put them at risk of theft. Pupils also don’t want to ride home on a wet seat because their bike has not been sheltered sufficiently. If these are the only options students are presented with, they won’t want to ride their bike to school. Because of this, it may seem like the demand for bike storage is low. If the right bike storage is installed, cycling to school will become more appealing to a lot of students.

It is important to offer quality bike storage to students, allowing them to confidently leave their bikes during the day. Students are often required to travel further than is reasonable to walk to school and a bus pass is a costly solution. This is why it is necessary to provide equipment that encourages students to cycle to school if they can.

Cycling is not only effective transportation but it also has huge health benefits. Riding to and from school is excellent exercise when compared with the alternative of sitting on a bus daily instead. More student cyclists may also help reduce congestion on the roads around the start and end of the schools day. If they are not getting dropped off by their parents or guardians there will be fewer cars on the road. This is more ecologically friendly and reduces the danger to students from excessive traffic.

Types of Bike Shelters For Schools

A cycle shelter is intended to act as a covered area for bikes, keeping them safe from bad weather conditions and theft. Although this is a very basic function, it doesn’t mean that all shelters are the same or that the cheapest shelter on the market is right for you. It is important to select the right bike storage for your school to ensure that it gets used appropriately.

Here are some of the products that we at Workplace Products offer that we believe show off a range of ideal bike shelters for schools.

The Essential Bike Shelter

Vivo Bike Shelter

First up is the Vivo Cycle Shelter – but more specifically, the Vivo bundle. This is an incredibly cost effective way to kit your school out with quality cycle shelters, and with the bundle you get the whole solution. For the most part, shelters don’t come with the bike racks included but this bundle does and allows for the storage of 10 bikes. These are ideal if your school needs more than one cycle shelter. They can be installed next to each other or instead used at a few different entrances to the premises. This means that regardless of where the cyclist comes from they can store their bike quickly and easily, avoiding riding across the premises.

The Contemporary Bike Shelter

Mottez Alpine Cycle Shelter

The Mottez Alpine Shelter is a more enclosed and visually striking cycle shelter. This is a better option if you wish to place it front and centre, near the main gate of your school. It certainly looks the part. This contemporary bike shelter, with its stylish pine sides, will help to keep up the school’s appearance. This is often a very important aspect for prospective students and their parents. With the extension added it can house approximately 20 bikes, depending on the bike racks used. The roof and enclosure around the back and sides provide excellent shelter from bad weather.

The Cycle Compound

Keypad Lock Cycle Compound

Finally we have the Keypad Lock Cycle Compound. These are completely enclosed on all sides with a door as the only entrance. They are an excellent choice for providing protection from drastic weather conditions. For use at a school they can be locked up during the day after 9am and reopened at 3pm. There are a few issues that may occur with this set up. It will require someone to lock and unlock the shelter at the start and end of the day. Although the weather protection is useful, in a country like the UK you are unlikely to encounter such drastic weather for it to be a necessity. The biggest bonus for cycle compounds is that they have heightened security whilst they are locked, ensuring that no bikes can be stolen.

There are several different ways to approach choosing bike shelters for schools. You can select a more basic but complete solution, potentially installing more than one to accommodate more cyclists. You might spend more on a visually impressive bike shelter for a more contemporary appearance with additional protection from the elements. Or you might go all out with a compound which offers up the most security but requires the most maintenance.


One of the most daunting aspects of a project like bike storage is the process of installing it. It’s very unlikely that a school has the capability to assemble a large bike shelter and then fix it either to walls or floors neatly and evenly. Having your bike shelter professionally installed will cause the least amount of disruption during term time. It’s worth the cost to ensure it is positioned correctly, secured and stable, ready to last for years to come.

Shelter Installation

Regardless of which choice you decide is the best fit for your premises, your students will benefit from the addition of bike shelters. Offering a space to store bikes is sure to encourage more students to ride to school – An investment worth making for the safety of their belongings and the improvement of their health.

See a whole range of cycle shelters on the Workplace Products website and find the perfect fit for your school today. Get in touch with us through our live chat or give us a call if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help.

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