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Anti Slip Matting ideal for Changing Room and Poolside safety

Posted on September 8th 2014 by WPPAdmin.
Updated on: March 19th 2018.

Your clientele and staff need to be safe in areas where slipping would be a common occurrence. Without doubt the aid of anti slip matting is a must.

The areas include but are not limited to changing rooms, poolside areas and staff shower rooms.

Anti slip matting is by no means a new concept. However, buying the correct matting for your specific needs makes all the difference.

Below you will find a cross section of products from our Wet Area matting section to give you an overview of the most commonly used anti slip matting for wet areas.

PVC Anti Slip Matting

This type of matting is best used for Swimming Pools and Changing Rooms. The PVC is easy to clean – easy to roll up and rinse. The softness of the material means its kind on bare feet as well as being ideal for use in wet areas.
Not only is the matting ideal in changing rooms, shower areas and swimming pools it is also durable enough for use as a workstation mat.

Anti Slip Matting from Workplace Products

Image showing a close up of how the anti slip treads are woven

Anti Slip Matting for the Leisure Industry and Factory Premises

The quality of this matting is high. With it’s dense rib pattern and soft 10mm thick elastic material this anti slip matting can withstand most chemicals. This opens up a raft of possible uses. However the best place to use this matting is in the workplace. In a situation where hazardous chemicals could be spilt, this anti slip matting is resistant therefore ideal. This safety matting is also self draining which aids to maintain a dry and clean environment.

Anti Slip Matting from Workplace Products

Image showing a close up of how the anti slip treads are woven

Anti Slip Matting from Workplace Products

Image showing a possible use of this anti slip matting in an industrial setting

Herontile Wet Area Matting Tiles

If you require wet area tiles we have the perfect selection for you!
Herontile is perhaps the perfect tile for changing rooms and shoer areas.
First of all its easy to click together to provide a seamless covering.
Secondly these tiles have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial additives, therefore this is one of the most hygienic ranges of anti slip matting available.
Lastly these matting tiles are made from soft Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) for added barefoot comfort.

Herontile Anti Slip Tile Matting from Workplace Products

Image showing Herontile Tiles as single tiles or clipped together to create a roll for easy storage

Herontile Anti Slip Tile Matting in use

Image showing Herontile Tiles covering a whole changing room

Many more matting solutions available online

At Workplace Products we understand every need and expectation of our Industry and Commerce clients. Therefore we spend a lot of time sourcing the best products for you. The Anti Slip Safety Matting we offer is no exception. We also provide the bestselling Anti Fatigue matting, Industrial Matting, and Entrance Matting as well as wet area matting.

If you’d like to find out more about our products and services, please take a look through our website or give us a call to talk or request a catalogue.

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