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Workbenches for Heavy Duty Requirements

Posted on August 9th 2019 by Aodhan Kinsella.
Updated on: August 12th 2019.

Do You Require a Heavy Duty Workbench?

Heavy Duty Workbenches are for users who require maximum strength and durability from their work station. The equipment they use or will be working on will be of very heavy weight. The work that they do will be of a repetitive nature. It is therefore essential that the workbench is designed to withstand such treatment. In such circumstances, the wrong workbench could result in a damage to equipment, damage to the workbench and even serious risk to the user.

At Workplace Products, we have a Heavy Duty Workbench that is a stand out performer for such needs. Our HD Heavy Duty Workbench. This workbench is an incredible 1200kg UDL Capacity and is made of fully welded steel. Very popular in industrial environments, this workbench is available with four different worktops:

Solid Wood – a solid Beech worktop of 27mm thickness with a high resistance to damage. An ideal choice if you’re working with sharp tools or DIY work.

Steel – a 2mm thick steel on top of a 25mm thick timber core. This worktop won’t become oil soaked or cracked – making it ideal for mechanics and industrial projects.

Laminate – a 20mm thick Laminate worktop makes a great durable surface for general purpose application. These worktops are very easy to wipe clean so are great for working with substances such as grease, oil or mild alkalis.

Linoleum – similar to the Laminate worktop, this is 20mm thickness and has good resistance to oils. This worktop choice proves popular in workshops and laboratories. However, it’s worth noting this worktop is not recommended for working with alkalis.

In Need of Accessories for Heavy Duty Workbenches?

Another great feature to our HD Heavy Duty Workbench is the list of accessories available to purchase with it. For instance, if storage is important for the work space, there’s cupboards, lower shelves and drawers available. We call these our Below Bench Accessories (for obvious reasons) and make them easy to purchase via their related drop down.

In environments where lighting or power sockets could be useful – our Above Bench Accessories focuses on such factors. Here you will find Lighting, Louvre Panels as well as Service Ducts. Whilst being incredibly effective, these accessories also transform the bench’s appearance. In addition, at Workplace Products we also provide Retaining Lips that prevent items from falling. As well as Workbench Vices!

For more information on our popular HD Heavy Duty Workbenches, there’s three things you can do. The first is to check out the product by the link posted ^ or click on the top picture. The second thing you can do is pop up on Live Chat and speak to our friendly sales team. Or alternatively contact us here !

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