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TUFF Workbenches – Breathe new life into your workshop

Posted on May 10th 2016 by WPPAdmin.
Updated on: August 9th 2016.

TUFF Workbenches – Breathe new life into your tired workshop.

Buying workbenches for a new build or to update a workshop can be stressful.

Your money goes further with us

As we always say – “We will match or better any like for like price”

You have a need for new workbenches and storage for your workshop but you don’t have the time, you don’t have the energy and worst of all the term “highway robbery” springs to mind. Does that sound about right?

This is how everyone thinks when pricing up a ‘refurb’ job. Unfortunately this is why your workshop is falling further and further behind the times.

Guess what? I totally agree with you. With all thats on offer in the marketplace which way do you jump? The best option for you is to find a supplier who has empathy for you and also appreciates the position you’re in. You will find that and more with Workplace Products.

Don’t worry the weather is looking much better. Throw open your factory windows, raise those roller shutters, breathe deeply – please don’t sing or spin with your arms outstretched – just a thought – ahem – its not as bad as you think.

We have all the time and energy you need to finally complete that project. Its what we’re good at.

All work carried out will be in synergy with you to make sure you are happy with the results and the cost.

Then you can feel refreshed and finally take the weight of the world off your shoulders.

So thats our opening proposition. A commitment to you.

Don’t take our word for it. Just read a few of the product reviews:

TUFF Workbenches product reviews

Just 3 of many positive reviews. We are especially proud of the top one for mentioning that their production staff responded well to our TUFF Workbenches.

TUFF Workbenches are a perfect cost effective all-rounder

At its core the products you buy have to be up to standards. The well-being of your staff and the quality of your production output is the prerequisite of a successful business.

Having said that, if your budget is set, that shouldn’t stop you from bringing your vision to reality and in an acceptable timeframe.

Thats the massive benefit of this range. They don’t use nuts and bolts to construct them which means you can slot them together in less than 15 minutes per unit!

How to build the TUFF Workbenches

Simple to build and you are left with sturdy workbenches that can take 300kg UDL per level. Thats 600kg per unit – perfect!

Just because they are quick to construct doesn’t mean they are not as sturdy and safe as their bolted cousins. The average load capacity of general workbenches is 250kg. TUFF workbenches can take 300kg. Thats impressive for a product that slots together.

The secret to their strength is the extra width cross beams. They do not bend and each beam end has 2 strong steel clips that slot safely into place.

Once you finish assembling the TUFF workbench you are left with a solid, reliable workbench that will stand the test of time.

Just make sure you use a rubber mallet to tap the beams in to place on the uprights. This way you will avoid chipping the workbench framework.

A chipboard worktop and lower shelf is located in to the framework to complete the construction.

So there you go, please take a look at the range to see if you like TUFF Workbenches.

Don’t forget that we are capable of large projects to fully kit out your workshops with more than just workbenches.

What are you waiting for? Turn to us for help and be happy. ?

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