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TUFF Garage Shelving

Posted on October 18th 2021 by Sophie Taylor.
Updated on: November 10th 2021.

At Workplace Products we offer a range which is called TUFF Garage Shelving. This is an affordable option whilst still maintaining the quality expected from this type of shelving. Our shelving offers a way to re-organise spaces such as garages and workshops. The design helps to optimise any space you have. Whilst remaining strong, reliable and easy to construct.


What Load Capacities of TUFF Garage Shelving are there?

  • 100kg UDLH1760 x W900 x D300/450/600mm with 5 chipboard shelves. Specially designed for DIY and light storage use.
  • 200kg UDL – H1760 x W900 x D300/450/600mm with 5 chipboard shelves. Designed for garages to store items such as DIY equipment.
  • 300kg UDLH1760 x W900/1200/1500 x D450/600mm with 4/5 chipboard shelves depending on size. Designed for commercial storage needs.
  • 450kg UDLH1760 x W900/1200/1500 x D450/600mm with 4/5 chipboard shelves depending on size. Designed for use in commercial and industrial environments.
  • Longspan 450kg UDL H2000 x W1800/2100/2400 x D450/600/900mm with 4 chipboard shelves. Designed for heavy duty industrial use.


TUFF Shelving

Simple Boltless Assembly

All of our TUFF shelving bays come easy to construct. They are uniquely manufactured to have a simple yet heavy duty design. They don’t have any nuts or bolts so are quick and easy to assemble in all environments. All the components simply slot together, securing into place with a tap from a rubber mallet. Making the design simple and robust, great for storing small or large bulky items.

TUFF Shelving

What are the main features of the TUFF Garage Shelving?

The Garage Shelving has a number of different features to make it stand out as a range worth buying. These features are on all of our TUFF shelving:

  • Bolt free Shelving Design
  • Simple assembly
  • Plastic Feet to prevent floor markings
  • 4 / 5 chipboard shelves per bay
  • Have as shelving unit or can be used as 2 x low level shelves / workbenches
  • High quality and style
  • Neat finish with Grey RAL 7016 & Orange RAL2004 powder coating
  • Comes flat packed for easy delivery
  • Available as bundle deals
  • Sturdy uprights join together with reinforcing plates


For any more information about the TUFF Garage Shelving. Our friendly sales team would be happy to help! They are available via call, chat or email.

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