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The importance of UK Manufacturing

Posted on February 23rd 2017 by WPPAdmin.

The importance of UK Manufacturing

Here at Workplace Products, we understand the growing importance of supporting the UK manufacturing industry. It has always been in our premise to source our products onshore (where possible) and maintain a close relationship with our UK supplier factories. In 2017, over 70% of our products are UK manufactured and we constantly strive to increase this figure.

Better quality, better service

Our commitment to British manufacturing means we have learnt a lot about our products and how they are made. From workbenches to lockers, the close relationship with our UK factories ensures our expertise on all things workplace. See Stuart’s blog on how our workbenches are manufactured in one of our UK factories QMP – who we have worked closely with since Workplace Products was established in 1972.

Our close communication with our UK suppliers means we can deliver quick lead times. But additionally, really get to know the products we sell and provide the best advice for our customers.

QMP Powder Coat Machine

QMP’s Powder Coat Plant

UK Manufacturing meets demands for innovative and sophisticated products

One thing that remains clear is while UK manufactured products may not be the lowest price. There is a genuine focus on the quality and durability of the product, rather than how quickly and cheaply it can be made and sold to consumers. As a result, British manufacturing focuses on meeting demands for more innovative and state-of-the-art products.

For example, our Euroslide Workbenches were designed specifically by UK Engineers to meet an Engineer’s bespoke requirements. This is where UK manufacturing strength lies. In its ability to produce quality, trusted products and not a cheap fix. We understand that our customers want affordable prices, but also an advanced and durable product that they can rely on.

With the constant uncertainty and unpredictability of a Brexit future, one clear outcome is that the growth of the UK economy directly relies on the UK manufacturing industry. The demand for quality British products has not stopped, with UK manufacturing pushing up UK growth against the expectation of economic decline post-Brexit. Therefore, this shows the importance of supporting the industry that in turn supports us.

UK Manufacturing

UK Manufacturing

To find out which of our products have been manufactured in the UK. Watch out for the British flag featured online or in our new Workplace Products 2017 catalogue.

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