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We’re redefining lockers – Tuff Rustic Lockers

Posted on May 2nd 2019 by Charlotte.
Updated on: May 3rd 2019.

Redefining lockers


Lockers are a functional element in any workplace, school or changing room in need of storage. With the majority sharing similar designs, it’s time to update and redefine our expectation of lockers. TUFF Rustic Lockers provide this advancement we’ve been waiting for, with a contemporary twist they create a modern feel whilst still providing storage.

Some say a picture can speak a thousand words and in our case we couldn’t agree more. Whilst being visually appealing, TUFF rustic lockers change a whole atmosphere and throw us into a steampunk era that would suit any contemporary build. Well designed, high-quality lockers can make a huge difference to the overall finish to a room and are an important factor to consider.

What makes TUFF Rustic Lockers so inventive?

It starts with the construction, hand crafted from 305 box section steel they are one of the most heavy duty lockers on the market. This durability is essential when you’re placing lockers in areas where they are being frequently used.


Durability + Heavy duty = Secure Storage

This equation can only lead to one thing, happy clients. When leaving our personal belongings in changing rooms we expect a level of security, so it’s important to ensure customers have a safe space to store personal belongings. Whether you decide TUFF Rustic or sway towards another of our lockers, it’s important that you’re building trust and offer lockers as a safe storage option within your facility.

Don’t fit in, defy the ordinary

We live in a world where standing out is vital in terms of sales & retention of customers. Providing customers with something new, fresh and exciting is important to stay ahead of your competitors and whilst lockers are often forgotten they could play a vital role in sales. Creating a modern and welcoming environment stems down to furniture and facilities, capturing this environment will only create a return in customers.

Lockers can reassure a customer you care about their custom and belongings. But additionally, they provide customers with enjoyable changing space. It’s been tested and proven that a pleasant atmosphere makes our brain release hormones and neurotransmitters that make us feel happy. So in basic terms, if the furniture around us looks good we feel good. I could be biased, but our lockers look good so if the science is right our lockers can improve customers happiness… but you’ll have to let me know if it works!

Be unique & stand out from the crowd

We all want centre stage and our TUFF rustic lockers are no different. Each individual locker is truly unique, with no two lockers being exactly alike. In situations such as gyms, bars, or urban theme environments they’re ideal to stand out from the busy crowds.

& there you have it. We’re taking the next steps into the future & creating lockers that change a complete atmosphere. To check out our TUFF Rustic Lockers you can visit our website and for more information chat to one of our sales team. We can’t wait too see the revolution in lockers!


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