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Projects – Vickers Laboratories Lockers

Posted on February 14th 2018 by Jordan Belfort.
Updated on: April 16th 2018.

We were recently contacted by Vickers Laboratories as they were in need of some new lockers for their premises. They needed to allow their staff to store their personal belongings and work wear safely and securely whilst at work.

After getting in contact with our sales team for an initial discussion, a site visit was arranged. Our business development manager, Domonie, then visited the premises to help determine exactly what Vickers Laboratories needed.

Choosing the perfect lockers

Together they decided that our range of TUFF Lockers was the best choice for them. TUFF Lockers are an ideal blend between quality and cost effective construction.

They selected a green and yellow colour scheme for their lockers, opting for a mix of both one and two door configurations to offer a wealth of storage to their staff. The yellow two door lockers are used for personal belongings and clothing. The green single door lockers are for storing PPE work wear such as hazmat suits, lab coats and more.

They also made the decision to accompany their lockers with benches, raising all the lockers off the ground. Benches not only make them easier to clean underneath, they also make this a far more effective changing room area.

Production Supervisor John Dye informed us that ‘everyone is very pleased with them’ and said he thinks that ‘they look splendid’. We couldn’t agree more!


Lockers installed March 2018

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