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Project – School Cycle Racks

Posted on August 5th 2021 by Jordan Belfort.

Junior Sheffield Cycle Stands

Bike storage is a popular addition for many schools. It is an excellent way to encourage young students to learn how to ride bikes and engage in more exercise.

Earlier this year a Primary School made an enquiry with our sales department about providing cycle storage for their students. After reviewing their requirements, our sales team decided to recommend our Sheffield Cycle Racks. They are our best selling solution for schools as they are reliable and easy to use.

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Cycle Racks Installation

Site Visit and Installation

To make sure that the school ordered the correct amount of hoops we organised a free site visit. While there our experts and the school decided they would start off with 23 racks to fill two areas and potentially add more at a later date. They also decided that the best installation method would be using knock down channels. Galvanised steel connecting channels are used to link the hoops together more effectively. They are concreted into channels cut into the tarmac to offer a straightforward and neater way of sinking the loops below the ground level while keeping them firmly anchored.

The hoops were manufactured to the exact measurements needed and a few weeks later our installation team arrived at the school to get them installed. We think they make an excellent addition to the playground and help add a splash of colour.

Cycle Racks Installation Finished


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