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Most popular type of bicycle parking?

Posted on February 22nd 2016 by Peter.
Updated on: March 21st 2016.

Whether it’s cycling to work, road racing, mountain biking or BMX, cycling is as popular as ever. With more and more people cycling to work, we’re regularly getting asked which type of bike parking we recommend to businesses, and what is most popular.

What is the most popular type of bicycle parking?

The humble bike rack

Back in the day, bike racks were extremely basic and only offered a means of securing one wheel. This meant that if you were a bike thief and were handy with a spanner, you could detach the locked wheel from the rest of the bicycle and make a decent living from selling on one-wheeled bikes. For the cyclists though, it wasn’t great as you’re never going to get very far with just the remaining wheel that was left by the thief, locked to the bike rack.

As well as not being very effective against theft, these primitive bike parking solutions were also known to offer little support to the rest of the bike. Affectionately named “wheel benders” by many cyclists, if a row of bikes got toppled over in a domino effect when parked in these stands, you’d end up with a wheel that was far from circular.

Luckily, along came some old pipe and a bright idea…

Sheffield cycle stands & racks

Thanks to the frugal thinking of cyclists in the city of Sheffield, security-concious bike users can now lock their whole bicycle up securely while going to fetch a pint of milk or while they’re working at the office. And they can do so without the worry of bent wheels.

What we now know as the classic Sheffield cycle stand, started out life as some old gas piping. The people of Sheffield didn’t know what to do with the old gas piping, so bright cyclists suggested to bend them in to bike racks and concrete them in to the ground. The top of the arch was roughly the same height as a bike frame, so would be able to support the whole bike while it was secured to the rack – genius.

Sheffield Bike Loop examples

The modern version we have available is made from a thick metal bar or in most cases metal tube, made in to the shape of a square arch. These have proven to be one of the most popular types of bike rack chosen by many Uk businesses, as they offer secure bicycle parking that supports the whole bike. No bent wheels in sight. As well as a galvanised finish which is more than adequate, there are powder-coated painted options available that will help reduce surface hardness and prevent scratching of your bikes paintwork.

The Sheffield bike hoops and racks are also the number one choice for those that require a shelter for bikes. They not only provide secure locking, but fit nicely with the usual contemporary appearance of cycle shelters, and are a welcome addition to any Uk business premises.

The runners up

While the Sheffield bike stands and racks in general tend to win the race and be the choice of the majority of cyclists, there are plenty of other options nipping at their heels. Depending on where the bike rack needs to be installed and the type of ground, there are other solutions that may be more suitable.

Our wall mounted cycle racks are our number two best sellers. Available in single units, these galvanised, zinc plated steel bike racks can be fixed in to almost any vertical surface and will provide adjustable, strong and secure parking for one bicycle per unit. Install several in a row and you’ve got yourself a cost-effective bike dock suitable for bikes with tyres up to 50mm in width.

And in third place comes our semi-vertical cycle racks, offering space saving bicycle parking for up to 10 bikes per unit. They come in flat pack form for easy on site assembly and although are free-standing, they can be secured to the ground for increased stability.

We’ve been successfully selling these products for many years now and have a great knowledge of bike racks and their associated products. Why not give us a call or start up a live chat to test us and see how we can help make your workplace more bicycle friendly.

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