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Waste Separation – Making waste separation easier!

Posted on June 28th 2019 by Chloe Harris.

Waste Separation – 2015 Waste Regulations

Ensuring your businesses waste is properly separated and disposed of is important to your company and the environment. Waste can easily be put in the incorrect bins by employees if they do not have easy access to the correct bins. The 2015 Waste Regulations saw a change in how businesses have to dispose of their waste. Businesses are now required to fully separate their waste into general and dry mixed recycling (paper, plastic, and glass). The idea behind the 2015 waste regulation is to improve recycling quantity and quality across the UK, while in turn helping the environment.

2015 Waste Regulations – The options:

Businesses have three different options on how they can dispose of their waste. The ‘legal’ option, this requires separating your waste into general waste and dry mixed recyclables. This is required by all businesses since the introduction of the 2015 waste regulation. Secondly there is the ‘popular’ option, this involves breaking recycling down further into, food, glass and confidential shredding. Finally there is the ‘complete’ option, this includes recycling electrical, hazardous and clinical waste alongside everything else.

Waste Separation - Waste Regulation Options

Waste Separation – Waste Regulation Options

Effective Waste Disposal

Depending on the type of waste collection your business opts for, the number of separate bins you require may vary.  It is important to provide employees with easy and quick access to the bins. All areas of the business need access to separated bins to allow for proper waste disposal. Warehouse and factory areas are often left without access to the separate bins, therefore waste has to be separated at a later date and as a result can often be left as general waste. You will also need to encourage staff to get on board with the new scheme, which can be challenging. However, proper labelling and accessible bins are key to encouraging your staff to recycle.

Our range of recycling sacks offer a fantastic way for effective waste separation while employees work. Our racksacks can be securely placed on the end of shelving bays, allowing employees to dispose of their waste while completing their daily jobs. With 14 designs available these are suitable for all types of separated recycling or general waste.

Recycling and Waste Racksacks

Recycling and Waste Racksacks

With easy fit and removal these racksacks are ideal for warehouse racking or use within factories and offices. The sacks have 3 handles, one either side for easy carriage, and one on the bottom to make tipping out quick and easy. They are made of waterproof polyester, which is hard wearing and re-usable. The large printed designs helps to easily identify which bin it is, and encourage recycling. They are lightweight yet have a capacity of 160 Litres. These racksacks have been specially designed with a large open mouth and tapered bottom, therefore, reducing intrusion into aisles and pathways.


To view our range of racksacks plus many more recycling products see our recycling & waste category.


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