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Industrial Workbench – The perfect all-rounder

Posted on September 3rd 2015 by WPPAdmin.
Updated on: May 4th 2016.

Product spotlight: Industrial Workbench

We absolutely love our Industrial Workbench and you will love it too.

Industrial Workbench with Accessories

Industrial Workbench with Accessories. This picture shows a popular configuration.

It is rare to find a product so configurable, so unique, yet so crucial to your business.
Our customers spoke and we listened. Introducing our most popular workbench…

Industrial Workbench overhead lightingIf it is too dark add a light
Avoid eye strain in situations where low light levels are unavoidable. The overhead light is also useful when you have complex machinery that often casts shadows and restricts clear views. Another use is to check the surface of items for imperfections, dents and scratches often missed in low light.

Industrial Workbench louvre panelsIf your workstation is a mess add a louvre panel
A louvre panel is a shadow board that fixes to the workbench via two uprights. You no longer have to cope with getting mixed up and forgetting where you put what. Now you can add bits and pieces into bin systems that easily fit onto the panel.

Industrial Workbench service ducts

‘I keep tripping over wires!’ Keep it tidy with a service duct
Avoid accidents by keeping your power tool wires away from walkways. With a Service Duct you can configure plug sockets along it to suit however many power tools and testers you like as long as it makes sense and is safe.

Keep those tools in a drawer unit
It doesn’t take long in the course of the day to accumulate a lot of unneeded tools on your work top. Invest in a drawer unit and develop a system.

Extra shelf needed? No problem
If you are looking for somewhere to temporarily store job notes and products such as adhesives or sealants buy a shelf. It sits above the worktop and in easy reach.

‘It keeps rolling off the back!’. Backstops are the way forward
Cylindrical objects like bolts, batteries and pens constantly fall down the back of Industrial Workbenches. On an assembly line it is not always easy to retrieve. Make your life easier by purchasing a worktop or shelf backstop.

Anti-static modifications for circuitry and electronics covered
As you will see from the link there are accessories that make each industrial workbench anti-static or static dissipative. This is achieved by an earthing wire from the bench to the ground. To make it anti-static you also need an anti-static wrist strap from the user to the bench. Please follow the link about ESD Industrial Workbenches here.

So there you go, the perfect solution for your production goals.

Live Chat on our website to get any information you need via an informal chat with with one of our knowledgeable Team.

ANOTHER USEFUL BLOG POST: A few months ago we published our RSI blog and explained in there why Adjustable Workbenches are important. It contains useful information and is worth a read.

7 thoughts on “Industrial Workbench – The perfect all-rounder”

  1. craig stoppard says:

    Looking for a couple of workstations similar to above 1800 wide(SINGLE DRAWER UNDER WORKTOP)
    Std cantilever Bench 1800
    Beech worktop
    1180 Rear support posts
    Upper shelf
    Louvre back panel
    Worktop service duct.
    Light support/tool rail
    Single drawer (blue)

    Can you give me a price and lead-time please


    1. Peter says:

      Hi Craig – thanks for getting in touch. I’ve passed on your enquiry to our sales team who will in contact shortly with a quote for you.

  2. mathew lynds says:

    Hi Looking for 8 of the above as they are in the photo. Please can you send me a quote to asap.

    Please email, but if you need to call our number is 01302738684. I am out 90% of the time.

  3. Holly Davies says:


    We are looking to find something similar to the above bench with overhead lighting, power supply however we would like it to have wheels so that we can move the benches around. Is this something you can do? And can you give an approximate cost for something of this specification?

    Thank you 🙂

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