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Industrial Shelving For Your Small Business

Posted on April 20th 2017 by Jordan Belfort.
Updated on: March 21st 2018.

Industrial Shelving For Your Small Business

Is shelving an overlooked element of your work space? Regardless of your companies’ size, be it based out of a garage or a warehouse, shelving is an absolute essential that is often overlooked.

Industrial shelving is the cornerstone of organisation in a working environment. It offers up a far better use of space than having stock cluttering up the floor or resting precariously on flimsy shelves. It is because of this that investing in quality shelving is such an important step in improving and growing a small business.

Invest early

It may not seem like a priority, but investing as early as possible in quality industrial shelving for your small business allows you to gain the most from it. Even if you are working out of a garage or small premises, investing in heavy duty shelving early on gives you a solid basis for growth. It will also save you the cost of replacing it further down the line when your business grows. Weaker shelving simply won’t stand the test of time.

Check out the TUFF Value range if you’re looking out for budget shelving capable of tackling heavy duty loads. It is also available as a bundle with workbenches included.

TUFF Industrial Shelving For Your Small Business

Improved Workflow

The extra organisation that quality shelving units will offer up is bound to improve your workflow. It will allow you to keep all your stock neatly in one place, avoiding any confusion or mix ups when picking it out ready for the customer. Another advantage comes from being able to easily perform inventory checks. No more spending hours rifling through disorganised stock, it’s all right there for you to view.

Different industrial style shelving is available to suit individual needs. Compartment shelving, like the TUFF Compartment bays, are a better choice for storing production materials and small stock. Metal racking is a more popular choice for larger, heavier items. Take a look at the E4 Modular Shelving Bays or Shortspan Shelving Bays for durable, all steel shelving constructions.

Compartment and Steel Shelving For Your Small Business

No Hassle Assembly

As a small business, you don’t want shelving that is difficult to assemble and difficult to take down. As businesses grow they move premises, expand and reorganise all the time so you’ll need shelving flexible enough to match.

All of the products in the Industrial Shelving category on the Workplace Products site can be assembled in around 15 minutes. They are just as easily disassembled too. The boltless assembly makes the process quick and easy. This means shelves can be changed to suit the height of the items that will be stored on them.

Easy Assembly Industrial Shelving

Don’t delay in getting your shelving up to the industry standard. Streamline your workflow and get equipped ready for your company to keep on growing. See the full range of shelving at Workplace Products now.

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