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How Workplace Products dealt with Covid 19

Posted on July 1st 2020 by Chloe Harris.
Updated on: March 10th 2021.

How Workplace Products dealt with Covid-19

How Workplace Products dealt with Covid 19

The past few months have been unprecedented times worldwide with the outbreak of covid 19, and this has deeply affected how businesses have had to operate. With many companies having to reduce staff working both to protect staff and help companies throughout these difficult times.

Our company decided that the marketing team would begin working from home prior to the official Lock-Down. This gave us time to set up the correct systems needed in plenty time. Working from home was a big change for the team, however it had to be done. We were all allowed to shuffle our working hours slightly due to the situation, to suit our lock down needs. This was a massive help for if we needed to go out, allowing us to miss the busy hours at the supermarket for example.

NEW Office Procedures Banner

Our NEW Office Procedures

Prior to working from home, new procedures were brought in, in regards to cleanliness and hygiene. These procedures will continue to be in place once we start to return to the office.

  • Ensuring all staff washed their hands regularly but especially when entering the building or before and after eating.
  • Staff are no longer doing ‘drink rounds’, staff must make their own drinks.
  • No sharing of snacks; our offices would regularly have share bags of snacks however this has been stopped in the short term.

Our office is beginning to return from July, new policies will be put into place to ensure a safe return. Initially with only a few members of staff returning which will allow us to spread out within the offices. As more staff members return to work we can continue to spread out and have protective screens between the desks.

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Our NEW Covid Safety Products

See our new range of Covid 19 protective products to help business return to work.

Social distancing screens help to provide protection to employees and customers throughout the workplace. Screens allow workstations to remain next to each other where there is not space to separate workstations. Screens also help staff stay protected across counters where they may need to speak to customers.

Sanitation stations provide a great option on how to provide employees and customers with hand sanitiser and clean products to ensure hands and workstations are regularly cleaned.

Social distancing mats are a great way to remind people to socially distance, they also help to mark out 1 or 2 metre distances to ensure people do not get too close.

Signs & markers help to provide information and notices to employees and customers, they can also be used to show measurement marking and one way systems that may be in place.

Social distancing furniture provides a great options for canteens or communal areas to help ensure social distancing rules are followed.



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