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How to use TUFF Scissor Lifts

Posted on July 18th 2019 by Jordan Belfort.
Updated on: October 3rd 2019.

How to use TUFF Scissor Lifts

Our TUFF Scissor Lifts are as simple to use as an industrial quality lift table can be. Each of the variations we offer are robust and ready for use in a matter of minutes.

Single Scissor Lift Tables

The majority of the trolley is already assembled and welded before delivery, leaving just the foot pump to be attached on all our single scissor models. To fully demonstrate this, we’ve even put together a short video to show you what the unboxing experience and general functionality is like:

Once the lift table is removed from the cardboard box you can identify a few extra components. These include the foot pump, instruction manual and an Allen key. Simply slot the foot pump in place and secure it using the screw provided. Tighten this up with the Allen key and you’re ready to start lifting.

Move the lift table into position and apply the brakes. The brakes will stop any movement as you load items or raise the platform ready for loading. With the platform loaded you can then lower it using the release trigger at the top of the handle. After this, release the brake and push the trolley along using the handle. We recommend lowering the platform to its lowest point before moving. This makes use of the back board to aid load retention and avoids items falling far whilst in transit.

It takes between 25 to 35 foot pumps to raise any of our single TUFF Scissor Lifts to full height. The hydraulic pump helps moderate how quickly it raises to ensure the items on the platform don’t move too much and fall. This is also the case for the release handle, which gently lowers the platform down to its lowest point.

Once the platform is lowered and the load is removed you can fold the handle down. Simply pull back the chrome lever at the base and push forward the handle. It will lower down flat to the platform, ideal for saving space when not in use.

Double Scissor Lift Tables

TUFF Double Scissor Lift Tables require a little bit more assembly than their smaller counterparts. This is because the lowest table height doesn’t allow the handle to fold down so it needs to be attached after delivery.

It’s easy enough to do. Simply line up the handle with the base and screw it into place by hand. Tighten it after with the Allen key to ensure it’s completely secured and stable. After this it’s just the foot pump left to attach. This works in the same way as the single TUFF Scissor Lifts and once this is done your lift table is ready to go.

We recommend using these lift tables in the same way as the Single Scissor Lift, ensuring the brakes are used and objects are lowered before being transported. The main difference between the two is the 55 pedal strokes to reach maximum height. This amount is to be expected as the platform reaches almost double the height.

To view the full range of TUFF Scissor Lifts head over to our website. We also have a variety of other lift tables available if our TUFF range doesn’t quite reach your requirements!

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