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Cycle Racks – Helping to make Cycling a viable mode of transport in the UK

Posted on October 18th 2013 by WPPAdmin.
Updated on: March 4th 2021.

Cost Saver Cycle Racks are a good start.

So, everybody is on a health kick at the moment, right? Well not so fast. Increases in cycling to work over the past year seem to suggest it’s more than just a fad. It’s a lifestyle change.
What are the wider implications on your business? There are many ways you, as an employer / buyer can cater for the evolving needs of your staff. A cost saver cycle rack in terms of simple, secure bike storage whilst at work could be a great start.

Cycle Rack

Take for example our floor or wall mounted Cost Saver Cycle Racks. Both variations are fully welded. This means they are exceptionally strong. The design is of a minimalist nature. This is intentional to minimise the impact to the aesthetic look of the front façade, sides or rear of your building. Due to these design features the cost of the Cycle Racks are very low and therefore very competitive. If your work involves bike trails in the countryside, these cycle racks are still an excellent option as the impact on the surrounding environment is kept to a minimum.

The floor mounted version needs to be mounted on to concrete for stability and is also available in a 1 bike or 2 bikes configuration. The single bike version can be set more near to obstacles if space is an issue on your premises.

The wall mounted version is for 1 bike each but comes in three different designs. These designs are Scroll, Double “S” or Minimalist. Each wall mounted Cycle Rack can be securely fixed to a wall using screws. There are two versions of each cycle rack. You can choose either a 60˚ or 90˚ angle to the wall position depending on your requirements.

All of our available cycle racks can be viewed here.

As our nation continues to change its view of cycling from sports and leisure to a legitimate mode of transport, the call for products such as cycle racks will increase.

Your business will be looking to purchase as efficiently as possible while at the same time catering for the needs of your staff. Cost Saver Cycle Racks are an ideal start if you have been looking into the health benefits of cycling to work and/or the cost implications to your business.

The Times published an article called “Commuting by bike soars by nearly a fifth” in March 2013. It explains why the rise in popularity and to a lesser extent the government stance moving forward.

As a company Workplace Products prides itself on providing commercial and industrial products that will help boost productivity and promote a healthier lifestyle for the people of our great nation, the UK.

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