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How to create a modern office

Posted on January 30th 2018 by Charlotte.
Updated on: February 16th 2018.

Many of us strive for perfection, so why should it be any different to when we design our offices. With employee’s spending an average of 90,360 hours working, it’s important to create an environment that helps morale, productivity and health.

So, being the leading UK supplier in workplace products. What do we suggest in order to achieve the perfect office?

Height Adjustable Desks

It’s been proven that sitting at work can be detrimental to our health. This is why we recommend height adjustable desks, as they improve employee’s health & morale dramatically.

Not only are there hidden health bonuses, these desks are extremely versatile. Within our exclusive range we have many different finishes, widths & options to adjust the height of your desk. So, not only are you going to help your employee’s health. You will be able to match your office layout & create a stylish yet modern office.

Valoir White Pedestals

We all have that one draw that is full of anything & everything. But what if we can mask that messy draw with a clean, presentable & modern pedestal?

Our range of Valoir Pedestals are a perfect storage solution to keep offices looking modern, clean and fresh. With optional compartments and different finishes, you can get your office looking amazing in no time.

You may be thinking, why have we stated white pedestals. Recently White office furniture has become a must have in all modern offices. The luxury of white furniture means you can mix & match with existing furniture. By adding a splash of white in with a pedestal, it will really bring your office into the modern world.

Executive Lockers

Handbags, bags, rucksacks & laptop bags can become major health and safety issues when being left under desks etc… so, what’s the solution?

Executive Lockers – With their ability to provide a stylish environment due to their wooden laminate finish. They are excellent to bring offices into the modern era. With many options of number of doors, finishes & sizes. They are perfect to de-clutter and add style into your office.

Orthomat Office Mats

With the trend of standing at work becoming widespread. It’s important to provide the correct equipment for this new, modern way of working.

Our office mats combat fatigue, help blood flow as well as providing a cushioned flooring. Which are all vital in ensuring your staff are looked after whilst standing at work.

So, there we have it. Our top 4 items you should consider when creating a modern office. Keep an eye out for further posts!

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