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Christmas Festivities

Posted on December 23rd 2019 by Chloe Harris.

Office Decorations

Here at Workplace Products we absolutely love the festive season and enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit! As a team we decorate the offices with tinsel and streamers and have a total of three Christmas trees. If you can’t go all out at this time of year then when can you?

Christmas Tree Charity Collection

As a company we are raising money for charity instead of purchasing Christmas cards, we receive a bauble, when donating, for us to write our wishes for the company and new year. Once written these get hung on our tree in the foyer. This year we are collecting for a local charity, Pets in Hospital, this is a fantastic charity that runs in Heartlands Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Solihull Hospital and Good Hope Hospital. Pets in Hospital allows for dogs are go around and visit patients to help and improve wellbeing by reducing anxiety and promoting calm. In order for dogs for to become part of the team they must undergo training and an assessment and also have a special dog coat for while in the hospitals. The charity needs just £7 per month per dog to enable them to continue their brilliant work.  Majority of patients can receive a visit from the dogs (there are a few circumstance where the dogs cannot visit) but by simply asking for a visit.

This year we have paw prints to place on the tree to show out support for this wonderful charity.

Secret Santa

Who doesn’t want to get involved in Secret Santa? What better way than getting in the mood for the Christmas break than a Secret Santa gift exchange. At Workplace Products we make it more interesting, picking two people and buying a £1 and a £5 present. This makes the gift exchange more exciting and also more difficult to find out who bought for who.

Christmas Jumpers

We have worn Christmas jumpers twice this year, once for ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ and then again for our Secret Santa Gift Exchange.

Christmas Buffet

As we all break up for Christmas today we have decided to have a buffet for brunch. The whole office is bringing in different foods, for while we close up ready for the Christmas break.


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