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A Complete Storage Solution – TUFF Shelving Kits

Posted on April 17th 2019 by Jordan Belfort.
Updated on: March 10th 2021.

TUFF Shelving Kits - Storage Solution

All workplaces need an effective shelving and storage system. Without it, organisation becomes difficult and will negatively impact productivity over time.

To help combat issues with storage in the workplace we have developed an extensive range of Shelving kits with storage bins. These are designed to allow you to easily build an effective storage system that will keep your office, workshop or warehouse perfectly organised.

These complete storage solutions are ideal for many different uses because of the huge range of different bins which are available. This is paired with a huge 450kg load capacity per shelf to ensure that with each bin at full capacity the shelving will remain stable.

Robust Shelves and Frames

One of the most essential things about these Shelving kits is being able to rely upon the strength of the shelves. Can they bear the load? Will they last over time? Are they the right size?

To make sure you can rely on the shelving we have used our best selling TUFF Shelving as the base for all these kits. TUFF is our most comprehensive range of shelving which is suitable for almost all environments. We have selected our maximum capacity 450kg shelving bays. These can handle almost anything that gets thrown on them.

Each kit has a full range of sizes designed to compliment the type of bin included in each kit. The widths of each unit range from as little as 900mm and go all the way up to 1800mm. With these widths available you can purchase different sizes to make an entire storage solution that fits perfectly into your workplace.

TUFF Shelving Kits Range

Different Types of Storage

As well as providing different shelf sizes we can also provide all kinds of shapes and sizes of bin to compliment your shelving. We have sourced a range that we believe match the requirements for most workplaces. Some designed for small parts, some better suited to archiving paper work and so on.

TC Bins

TC Bin Kits

We offer a range of different sized TC bins to compliment our TUFF shelving. These are perfect for small parts storage. They are an effective way of separating out items in a production area with lots of different parts needed.

These bins are ideal for splitting up the weight load of items and make stock replenishment easy as they can be stack and swapped out at a moments notice.

MF Bins

Multifunctional Bin KitsMultifunctional bins are a larger solution than our TC bins. Of course, this means that they have a larger overall capacity, ideal for accommodating larger objects or more items.

They also feature a lid which covers the entire bin. This means better load retention and less risk of items being lost when the bins are moved.

Each of the lids are hinged to make accessing the contents easy even when they are stored on the shelves. These lids come in a few colours to make them ideal for colour coding to further stream line your workflow.

Euro Bins

Euro Bin KitsEuro containers are a robust storage solution, ideally suited to industrial environments. They are manufactured from high-density polypropylene. This is suitable for food storage and temperature resistant from as low as -5°C up to +70°C.

These come with handles at each end of the container making them easy to take hold of to slide out of remove completely from each shelf. We offer plenty of different sizes and configurations which will accommodate a whole host of different items.

Clear Bins

Clear Bin KitsThese containers are ideal for monitoring the contents of each bin whilst they are still on the shelf. This makes picking the right container and identifying stock that is running low a lot easier and more efficient.

When the lids are on these containers they can be stacked and when the lids are off they can be nested. This is a great way to save space when the containers are not used regularly.


TUFF Shelving Kits with Mixed Bins

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