Heavy Duty Shelving

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  1. Midispan Galvanised Shelving - Metal Shelving Units - 8800kg Capacity

    Heavy Duty Galvanised Midispan Racking - Upto 8800kg

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    • 8800kg Maximum Frame Load
    • Up to 750kg UDL Per Level
    • Heavy-duty Galvanised Steel Construction

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  2. Shortspan rivet shelving with 600kg UDL.

    E6 Shortspan Rivet Racking (600kg UDL)

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    In StockDelivery in 3 - 5 working days

    • 600kg Load Capacity
    • Bay Capacity up to 2800kg
    • Variety Of Sizes Available

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Is Heavy Duty Shelving for you?

At Workplace products we offer a range of different heavy duty shelving which offers a choice for everyone. Our heavy duty range has a number of different high capacity options and durable metal frames. As well as having a high load capacity, the shelving units are still quick and simple to build. This is due to a simple tap together construction. Most of our shelving units don't use nuts or bolts, they are simply secured into place using a rubber mallet. We also offer a wide range of different sizes so we have something for anyone after this shelving, from domestic to commercial. Such as warehouses, garages, workshops.

TUFF shelving

Our TUFF shelving 450kg is a option for anyone after heavy duty shelving with a affordable price. Its perfect for garages and workshops. We offer many widths and depths so there will be a fit for you. Our TUFF range is a simple boltless design making assembly quick and easy. Manufactured from chipboard shelves and high grade steel making it perfect to organise a working environment. They also come in a professional powder coated finish making them look good in any environment.

Longspan Shelving & Kits

Our Longspan shelving is a durable option for warehouses, workshops and storerooms. It features bays which are more open and slightly larger than the standard. They are a great way to store bulkier items due to the wider access. The Longspan shelving has extra deck supports, these are to tie the back and front beams together. This offers a higher weight load capacity per shelf. Longspan shelving still comes with a quick and simple tap together construction. So it's great for adding or changing the shelving configuration.

We offer a few heavy duty shelving bundles which are for a variety of different applications. Our heavy duty kits are available to offer a way to achieve high quality shelving. Whilst staying at a reasonable price, so you are saving. They come with reinforced shelves which support the added weight. So these a good option for heavy duty uses within warehouses, workshops and garages.

High capacity shelving

We offer a large range of high capacity shelving for all your heavy duty requirements. Our galvanised shelving is a popular option for a lot of people. Due to being one of the highest capacities we offer and being suitable for most environments. This is ideal for harsh industrial locations, such as damp and cold areas. The shelving is such a good option as it's highly durable and can last in these types of environment. The galvanised shelving is versatile and expandable. Meaning it can withstand extreme damp conditions that could weaken other options. 

At Workplace products we will have a shelving solution for you. If you need any further information regarding the products we offer then please get in touch. We are available to Live chat, email or you can call and speak to our friendly sales team.