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When it comes to industrial environments, it's important to have the correct equipment in place to ensure that operators can effectively do their job. Storing big and bulky items are something that all warehouses and factories can struggle with. But, this is all changing due to pallet racking.

Pallet racking is an excellent storage solution for large and heavy items. With heavy duty steel beams, the durable construction can withstand high load capacities. All of our pallet racking systems are highly versatile and can be used in a variety of environments. Whether you need to store car engines to work place equipment, these racking units can provide a durable pallet storage system.

Within our range, we have included a cost-effective racking system that will provide a heavy-duty finish. These units offer a load capacity of 2000kg per level. So, depending on how many levels you purchase you can be left with a racking unit that has an overall 6000kg load capacity. Impressive right?

Free Site Surveys & Planning Service

With so many different types of pallet racking, we understand that identifying which racking system will suit your requirements is a difficult task. But, there’s no need to worry. As pallet racking specialists, we can provide surveys and installations to remove all the stress that comes along with the process.

Additionally, each of our racking systems are tailored to meet the company individual requirements. Whether it’s focussed on optimising for rack capacity ease of access, stock rotation or cold storage. Our team of pallet racking experts can provide professional advice at all stages of the project. From specification, building regulations and design, to installation and safety. We have you covered!

For a pallet racking service with a truly personal approach, then why not get in touch. We can help you achieve your warehouse storage requirements and provide a heavy duty racking system with ease.