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Wire Mesh Lockers

Mesh lockers with high visual security and ideal for airing damp clothes

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Here you’ll find a wide range of quality and affordable wire mesh lockers. Ideal for areas where air ventilation and high visual security is needed. Easily made to meet your specific requirements, our versatile mesh lockers are designed to suit any scenarios.


Our collection of wire mesh lockers are made for the safe storage of workwear and sportswear items that need a lot of ventilation. They make an ideal storage solution for changing areas in workplaces where staff spend a lot of time outdoors. The increased air circulation means that wet clothes will dry quickly. The wire mesh allows air to circulate freely in each locker compartment; this means any clothing will not get moldy while in storage. This is important in hot and humid work spaces where this is a more regular occurrence.

All our Wire Mesh Lockers are easy to clean because of their small surface area. This makes them very hygienic. Unlike traditional lockers used in the same areas, there aren't many places for dirt and bacteria to collect. The easy cleaning of wire mesh lockers makes them great sports lockers and industrial lockers.

Most of our mesh lockers include a hanging rail or hook(s) and shelves for smaller items, since they are often used for clothing storage. The added benefit to using mesh lockers for this is the added visual security. Their design allows users to keep track of the contents of each section without needing to open them up.


With our large range of wire mesh lockers, we can provide for the most specific of requirements. They can range from Personal Effect Wire Mesh Lockers for small items to Mobile Mesh Lockers with Padlockable Doors that allow for easy movement and extra security. There's something in the range for all environments, including construction, factories, gyms and schools.

For those of you on a budget, take a look at the TUFF Wire Mesh Lockers. They are a simple and hygenic industrial wire mesh storage solution, but they still offer a wide variety of options to fulfill your specific needs. This includes a variety of door configurations, depths and finishes. Choose the zinc and lacquer finish to get hard wearing wire mesh, or select the Colour Mesh Lockers to differentiate between lockers or match your company branding.

Our Mobile Wire Mesh Lockers are a great solution for construction sites. The addition of wheels makes them mobile and means that they can quite readily move from place to place whilst the contents stay inside. This is a big advantage during construction work, while moving them from place to place.

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