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Popular Lockers

Popular Lockers

Browse an assortment of our popular lockers right here.

These are a selection of some of our most elite Lockers, renowned for their quality and value for money. These lockers are capable of tackling a number of environments, including general storage and more specific storage for scenarios with workwear, PPE and more.

Elite Locker Door Colours

A wide variety of colours are available including Dark Blue, Grey, Yellow, Green, Black, Dark Grey & Red.

Elite Quality Lockers

All of the lockers in this category are manufactured in the UK to ensure that their elite level of quality stays consistent across the entire range. They use a welded and riveted construction for strength and durability to stand up to use everyday by any number of people. The anti-bacterial powder coat finish on all of these lockers also means that they are especially hygienic. With these lockers being at an elite standard they also feature 0.7mm steel across the range, pre-drilled for nesting multiple units together safely and securely.

Accessory Options

Locking upgrades and sloping are available these lockers. These allows you to enhance their security beyond that of a standard locker.

The sloping tops and locker stands featured in this category are a popular addition in schools, changing rooms and more. The locker stands raise all of the lockers off the ground, making them easier to clean beneath. The sloping tops are a useful way of stopping individuals leaving any unwanted items on top of the lockers. This can often occur where lockers are left for use by the public and a sloping top is the ideal way to prevent this.

If you are in need of high quality lockers look no further. Get in touch with our sales team if you have any questions, we're happy to help you find the ideal solution for your workplace.