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Aluminium Sack Trucks

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Welcome to our Aluminium Sack Trucks section.

This aluminium sack trucks category has been specially populated with lightweight and compact versions of the popular sack truck. We have given them their own section because we understand the needs of delivery companies throughout the UK. When operating your job you don't want to be lumbered with a heavy, cumbersome sack truck.

You want the job to be safe, secure, precise and fast so that you can make your allotted delivery drops in good time.

We constantly source the most relevant aluminium sack trucks for your business to make sure our selection is up-to-date.

So lets take a closer look at the variety of aluminium sack trucks we currently offer.

Why are there so many options?

First of all, don't let the lightweight construction fool you. Depending on the job required the load capacities range from a modest 60kg to a whopping 500kg.

On the surface all of these aluminium sack trucks do look similar. On closer inspection you start to see the subtle changes that make your life easier. A job may require just one repetitive action or many different actions. You'd agree with me that the top priority is the safety of your warehouse staff and delivery workers. Right? Of course you do.

Lets start with super compact aluminium sack trucks. They don't just have a folding toe, they also have telescopic handles. To make this type even easier to transport the smallest version weighs in at only 3.5kg. Much lighter than the weights you work out with (probably). That particular one can take a max load of 60kg. Ideal for transporting goods such as bottled water to vending machines or stationary around an office. For the small price you get a sturdy truck that takes the pressure of your back. Whats more is that it folds so small that a small normal car will easily stow it.

Moving away from the super compact range we have folding aluminium sack trucks that except 270kg. This one is high visibility with bright yellow cross beams. It folds compactly and has wheel guards to stop heavier loads ruining the wheels. It is characterised as heavy duty despite being only 6kg in weight. The whole design is intended to save time while staying safe. The whole unit folds in one swift movement. This is the best aluminium sack truck on the market in terms of performance. In fact it out does many of its steel cousins! Lightweight, strong and easy to transport - ideal!

While most of our aluminium sack trucks are versatile for most pushing and pulling jobs we have sourced a range where each one is specifically designed for each job.

AluTruk is the newest premium addition to our aluminium range.

Lets start with the Warehouse Aluminium Sack Truck. It takes a heavy load of up to 300kg and a folding toe option is available. It's magnesium axle brackets are the strongest in it's class. To add comfort to it's use there is a comfort grip handle to save your hands with heavy use. The wheels are extremely strong. 260mm diameter microcellular puncture proof tyres on a one piece steel reinforced hub. When in use you will feel how easy it is to push and pull due to the semi-precision bearings. AluTruk is the new benchmark for heavy duty, long term use in a busy warehouse environment.

The home delivery version of that sack truck has subtle changes that make a big difference. Wheel guards and pistol grip handles are the main differences. Reinforced to take up to 300kg and for use in large lorries where space isn't an issue. Lorries that have tail lifts are best. The good news is that most large delivery lorries and vans have them. The last distinguishing feature are the stair glides designed to reach more awkward customer locations.

Other specialised aluminium sack trucks include the parcel sack truck, convertible hand truck and stair climber aluminium sack trucks.

Take some time to read each product description to see what suits your job(s) best.

If you are left with any doubts or questions just Live Chat and we'll put you on the right path.