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What to get for Secret Santa?! Tips & Tricks from our experts

Posted on November 29th 2019 by Aodhan Kinsella.

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is less than a month away and with that SECRET SANTA is the hot topic in every workplace. How can you buy something that’s fun, unique and personal? A gift that shows you’ve put time, care and effort in to your choice. Something that makes your giftee feel appreciated and understood…

That’s tricky. Especially if you have a coworker you spend little to no time with! Like Karen from Accounts who you’ve only ever spoken to once (and that was to chase a customer’s invoice).

The task can be daunting and what’s worse is you’re struggling in SECRET! But fear not, there’s still tried and trusted ways to ensure you get your Secret Santa a great gift.

Our office workers boast years’ of experience in Secret Santa gifts. So we asked our Secret Santa Specialists their tips and tricks this Christmas!

Secret Santa Gift Tip 1

Desk Accessories are a practical and useful gift

Chloe: “I usually keep an eye out over my Christmas shopping trips. Useful, practical gifts – like desk items or stationary. I always have a back up that’s a generic gift if i can’t find anything. Items like toiletries are always a safe generic back up!

Remember though – no matter how close you are to someone, be careful of inside jokes if it risks offending other colleagues!”

Charlotte: “Boundaries! Don’t buy anything too personal to someone. Some items may only be appropriate if it’s the actual user buying them. If it’s someone who’s similar to you then that’s always easier – shop something you’d like to receive!”

Remember conversations you’ve had with a colleague

Scott: “Even though there’s a budget – don’t stick to it if you find the perfect gift. Remember conversations you’ve had with them and try think of a present that you think may match their hobbies or interests. I typically find my items in-store – keep the high street alive!”

Aodhán: “It breaches the “secret” policy but if i don’t know the person that well..i’ll trust someone who does. I’ll ask a person close to them what their hobbies or interests are. Either that or i’ll search the web for advice!”

Jordan: “Everyone needs socks. Never forget that.”


Amazon’s great for Gifts!

Dana & Sophie: “Amazon!!! Amazon is great for Secret Santa. You can search gifts and filter by Price, Gender e.t.c and you’ll get a fun choice of gifts.”

Amanda & Jenny: “Stalking (kidding). Try and pay extra attention to conversations – people always talk about things they’re interested in!

Find out what’s unique about them – are they the barista of the office for instance? Then you could get items like a self-stirring mug! If that doesn’t work you can get a funny gift that plays on the fact you don’t know the person that well.”


Whatever you end up buying your Secret Santa this year – we wish you all the luck! We hope some of the tips in this article have helped. Stay tuned to hear how our Secret Santa went down later next month! Wishing you all a very happy Christmas countdown from Workplace Products!

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    Some interesting tips on there!

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