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Christmas Card Etiquette of the 21st Century

Posted on December 20th 2019 by Scott.
Updated on: March 10th 2021.

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Who Should We Send Christmas Cards To?

The etiquette of the 21st century.

Nowadays, we quite often find ourselves wondering who we should send our Christmas cards to? When should we send them by? and Who have we forgotten to send a Christmas card to? All perfectly valid questions. Although, as generations pass the tradition of this age-old gesture is changing.

Where did the idea of sending Christmas Cards come from?

The concept of sending Christmas cards was born in 1843. It came about when Senior Civil Servant Sir Henry Cole teamed up with his artist friend John Horsley, where they created the first Christmas greetings card. During 1840 Henry had helped to set up the Public Record Office (now known as the Post Office) and later wondered how its services could be used more by the general public.

As time passed, the popularity of the Christmas card increased with more and more families observing this thoughtful gesture. This came to include sending cards to their nearest and dearest, as well as friends and relatives across the world.

Who should we send Christmas cards to?

The Christmas card list is something many of us struggle to compile. Popular advice is to reference greetings cards received in the past. Obviously, the easiest time to do this is when taking down these cards. Contrary to this, the modern-day lifestyle often takes over. With one not always having time to make notes for the following season’s mailing list.

When is the best time to send Christmas cards?

Timing is critical. Therefore, we advise getting your cards sent out before the main Christmas rush. The most appropriate time to send out Christmas cards is during the second week of December. This would mean they are received at a similar time to the decoration of the recipients’ home. Consequently meaning they can contribute towards their festive style.

Why is it becoming less popular to send a Christmas greetings card?

A Mintel report claims there was a 5% drop in Christmas card sales between 2005 and 2010. What are the reasons for this decline? There are many theories behind this. One being that we are increasingly more conscious over the affect these hundreds of thousands of greetings cards might have on the environment. The plastic coatings and foil decor on modern day cards often means they are very difficult to recycle. Although an additional theory involves the cost of postage. In 2019 the cost of a single standard first class stamp increased above the rate of inflation, rising from 67p to 70p. This kind of expense is often seen as being unnecessary. Especially considering the quantity of greetings we wish to send. As well as the fact that it is quick, easy and free to send greetings via social media.

So, who should we still be sending cards to?

With the above findings in mind. It can be concluded that we might only need to send cards to those who do not have frequent or immediate access to the social media or instant messaging platform that you will use to send your Christmas wishes. This will ensure that the sentiment will not be missed by those who matter to us. So, if your Christmas card list is extensive. Get in touch with us today. We can supply you with a reliable Pigeon Hole System to keep your card postage organised.

With this. We are sending you our very best festive wishes to you for 2019. Please remember to take some time to relax. As well as to enjoy magical moments with our families and friends.

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