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  • Workbenches – the cornerstone of manufacturing

    Workbenches are the cornerstone of manufacturing

    Dear reader, This time I thought i’d write a quick blog about how proud we are of our business. I will touch on the current climate our industry finds itself in. As you read I would like to help you get to know our manufacturing process. While its true that we make more than just workbenches, I would like to keep this blog simple by focusing just on them. Sure i’ve blogged in the past about the features and benefits of all the workbenches we sell, but i’ve never really explained what

  • TUFF Workbenches – Breathe new life into your workshop

    Use these workbenches to make cost efficient workshops

    TUFF Workbenches – Breathe new life into your tired workshop. Buying workbenches for a new build or to update a workshop can be stressful. You have a need for new workbenches and storage for your workshop but you don’t have the time, you don’t have the energy and worst of all the term “highway robbery” springs to mind. Does that sound about right? This is how everyone thinks when pricing up a ‘refurb’ job. Unfortunately this is why your workshop is falling further and further behind the times. Guess what? I totally agree with you.

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