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  • Workbenches – the cornerstone of manufacturing

    Workbenches are the cornerstone of manufacturing

    Dear reader, This time I thought i’d write a quick blog about how proud we are of our business. I will touch on the current climate our industry finds itself in. As you read I would like to help you get to know our manufacturing process. While its true that we make more than just workbenches, I would like to keep this blog simple by focusing just on them. Sure i’ve blogged in the past about the features and benefits of all the workbenches we sell, but i’ve never really explained what

  • How do Anti-Fatigue Mats work? [Infographic] Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Matting

    How do anti fatigue mats work?

    There are millions of employees that spend most of their working day on their feet, standing for many hours in very static positions. Workers standing for long periods of time at counters, production lines and workbenches are using 20% more energy compared to those that sit down to do their work. So, why is this? Our bodies are just not designed to stand, working for these long amounts of time. That’s why workers that stand are usually a lot more tired than others. They will also experience a higher loss of concentration

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